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WATCH: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

It. Is. Going. To. Be. EPIC. [Read more…]

Got Dibs: Fashion Gone Social a la Lord & Taylor

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By: Lindsay McHugh, guest blogger

Have you ever:

  • wanted a second opinion before walking out the door in a new dress?
  • craved feedback on an outfit that involved more than a dull grunt from your boyfriend?
  • not quite been able to trust the overly enthusiastic saleswoman urging you to make a purchase?

Meet Fashism: [Read more…]

Gwyneth Paltrow: The New Face of Coach


By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

There is no doubt that Gwyneth Paltrow is having a fantastic year!

Her appearance in the hit television show, Glee has put her on the map not only as the fabulous actress we’ve known for years, but now as a singer!

If you haven’t heard Gwyneth singing yet, you’ve clearly have been living under a rock. [Read more…]

Royal Wedding 2011: Your Highness, There’s App For That

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By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

It’s here, the Royal Wedding is here! Well, almost.

Invitations have been delivered, seating arrangements have been set, wedding vows have been edited and the media is in a regal frenzy over the event.

In a few short days, the members of the Royal family dignitaries, celebrities, (ahem, The Beckhams, Sir Elton John, Joss Stone and Guy Ritchie among others) will fill the rows of Westminster Abbey to watch as Wills and Kate become husband and wife. While I won’t be front and center at Westminster Abbey, I will have Westminster Abbey in the palm of my hands.

That’s right, there’s an app for that! [Read more…]

Business as Usual: I’m Not an Expert, But I Play One on TV

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By: Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

We’ve all experienced a similar existential crisis: the dread fear of being unmasked for the imposters we really are.

It’s an uncomfortable and not uncommon phenomenon. [Read more…]

Kate Middleton, Helayel’s “Issa” and a Brazilian Wedding Dress?

Image via Getty

By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

It might seem unlikely, but not only has Kate Middleton – soon to become Princess Catherine – chosen to wear one of Daniella Helayel’s creation when announcing her engagement to Prince William, but it has also emerged that the Brazilian designer has been invited to the wedding itself. [Read more…]

Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear: In Vino Veritas

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“In vino veritas.” – Pliny the Elder

There is this saying in Latin, “In vino veritas,” that roughly translated, it means “in wine there is the truth.”

In essence it means, that after drinking, a persons’ tongue is loosened enough to say what they really think, what they really feel and incidentally, the truth.

Paulo Coelho has this saying where he proclaims that,

“truth resides where there is faith.”

It’s this concept of [Read more…]

{iStyle} A Princess in Waiting: Kate Middleton’s #Fashion Evolution

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As the final days, before the highly-anticipated royal wedding, unfold it only seems natural to take a step back and admire the birth of a modern day princess.

Kate Middleton, the 29 year-old fiancee to England’s Prince William, is much more than a potential future queen -she is a talented, bright, poised young women – who just happens to have an admirable fashion sense.

Over the years, Kate has stayed true to her natural, demure style. Never forcing a trend or a particular look, always looking polished, perfect and quite frankly pretty.

From the moment that her relationship hit the British headlines, [Read more…]

LatAm Digital: The Rise and Fall of Public Relations in Brazil

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By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

With every brand becoming aware that customers demand close, digitally-mediated interactions, digital public relations is in high demand.

But what are the secrets of making it work for you?

We take a look at Brazil – a country which is experiencing an amazing rate of growth in all things digital – for some answers.

Digital PR is a new area in Marketing and Public Relations that is fast becoming an essential tool in the kit of most companies, but in markets such as Brazil – where the astronomical growth of the Internet and Social Network usage is fueling the demand for this type of interaction – the effects are being keenly felt.

In a recent blog for Brazilian site Tempos & Movimentos, Francisco de Carvalho, President of the Brazilian arm of PR giant Burson-Marsteller, said they experienced [Read more…]

Our Digital Culture: Is It Limitless?

Image via TumblR

By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

We’re two years shy of our next presidential election and the race has already started.

In a 2:10 video titled “It begins with us” President Obama officially announced his run for re-election. His outreach didn’t stop with the video. His team organized emails and text messages to his supporters.

Video, email, and text messages … not the traditional approach to launch a political, much less a presidential, campaign.

But then again, our world is redefining ‘traditional’. Traditional these days seems to have been transferred from the pen and paper and TV to our iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and tablets.

Are we all better for it? [Read more…]