MEN REJOICE: Hooters Hooky Day, NCAA and St. Patty’s Debauchery

If you’re looking for an excuse to play hooky from work to welcome the start of the 2011 NCAA tournament, look no further because chicken wings and boobies franchise, Hooters, has you covered.

Register with them and get a doctor’s note to take in to work for a day (or two) after/for/of play.

Yes, you heard correctly, March 17 and 18 have been declared National Hooky days by the purposefully machismo-infested, tacky restaurants.

The concept is simple: skip work to watch the start of the college basketball true set of madness, fill out the form, get your free doctor’s note and a free appetizer.

Fans are encouraged to visit to cure their “basketball fever” and download a doctor’s note and redeem a free appetizer coupon this Thursday and Friday during the games.

During this promotion, Hooters has again partnered with long time Hooters spokesperson and college basketball analyst, Dick Vitale. He is featured in the Hooters national TV commercial, alongside “Nurse Ashleigh.”

Now, we know some super feminist and up-tights out there will find something to complain about with this and we won’t lie “Nurse Ashleigh” sounds like the name for a porn star.

But frankly, we think it’s smart branding, rather amusing and plus they are giving back to the boobies they love so much!

Hooters will donate $1 per new Facebook Like to the V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Grant, up to $10,000.

We find it highly amusing & signed up for it ourselves to see what it would look like!

Press release here.

Happy Guinness Day 2011!

You can thank us & @SternalPR later! 🙂




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  1. How could anyone be upset with this lol??? I think it's practically genius and kudos for creating some great buzz around a huge event in front of a large and very targeted audience.

    John Sternal

  2. Who knows, people find all sorts of things to complain about. I love this! Nurse Ashleigh & I thank you for sharing it 🙂

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