Have you ‘Heard’ about the new GUESS Girl?


By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

What’s better than being a Bond Girl? GUESS? No, really that’s just it… Better to be a GUESS Girl!

If you’re an upcoming actress or model your one-way ticket to super-stardom is being chosen for one of the sexiest opportunities in print ad campaigns out there.

The annual GUESS ad campaign is known to be one of the most coveted spots for young girls everywhere trying to make a name for themselves.

Just ask Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith (Obviously we can’t ask her, but you know what I mean!) and Alessandra Ambrosio who are among the gorgeous ladies who have helped create the image of the brand making it the sexiest fashion brand ever!


This year taking on the role of the new face of GUESS is Amber Heard, the 24 year old actress from films such as Zombieland and Pineapple Express.

She will next star in The Rum Diary opposite Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart and is currently in production on the NBC pilot Playboy.

As you can see, she clearly is perfect for the brand, already proving how she can rock the denim!

Amber is exactly what the timeless brand has been come to be known as.

From its humbling beginnings in the 80s, The Marciano brothers, founders of the fashion giant, gave denim the popularity it so desperately needed by stamping the all-American fabric with a splash of European flair.

In 2011, they have returned to their American roots by choosing Amber as the new face of the 2011 GUESS campaign.


“We are thrilled to have signed Amber Heard for the GUESS Fall 2011 advertising campaign,”

says Paul Marciano, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director for Guess?, Inc.

”Amber embodies the essence of the true GUESS girl with her natural beauty and classic all-American good looks. The campaign, which was shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, is sure to become a classic that will continue to define what the GUESS brand stands for.”

Amber, of course is thrilled to be a part of the new Fall Campaign for the clothing line saying in a statement:

“I’ve been a huge fan of GUESS for a long time and to be the new face of the Fall 2011 campaign is very exciting. It was such an amazing experience to have been able to work with some of the most creative talents in the industry, such as Paul Marciano and Ellen Von Unwerth, who have collaborated on some of the most iconic campaigns in GUESS history.”


One of those iconic campaigns is that of Claudia Schiffer. The German model was the GUESS Girl in 1991; her campaign like all her predecessors was all about denim and sex appeal. Somehow Claudia doesn’t need any props, like some of the other campaigns photographed. The classic of black and white, Claudia and a pair of GUESS jeans is enough to make anyone want to run to the store and shop their product.


Another classic iconic Guess Girl is Anna Nicole Smith. With her Marilyn Monroe-like appearance she glamorizes everything that is SEXY. The turned reality star and most recently known for her controversial untimely death was once the sexiest woman alive giving GUESS the all-American look they are trying to achieve yet again through Heard. Smith too rose to fame more rapidly thanks to her affiliation with the brand, landing her more Playboy covers and movie roles making her the most sought after “IT” girl of the 90s.


GUESS is no longer considered a clothing line alone; they now carry accessories, watches, kid’s clothing and perfumes as well as men clothing. The line has evolved through the last 30 years and has become bigger than ever, but one thing still remained, and that is the image of the brand’s flirtatious and sensuous GUESS Girls.

Will Amber Heard ever be as iconic as Claudia or Anna Nicole? My guess, no pun intended, is no; but it will most definitely catapult her career and add her name to the long list of now recognizable beauties who graced the pages of fashion magazines, billboards and GUESS locations worldwide.

(Photos provided by, Guess.com and AmberHeardOfficial.com)


Maria Lago is the Owner & President of Three / events & pr, an Event Planning and Public Relations boutique firm based out of Westchester, NY. Maria is the founder of Three Gets Furry, an event dedicated to raise funds and awareness for the SPCA of Westchester. She attended St. John’s University majoring in Communications Arts and minoring in Public Relations. She loves Twitter, and blogging about fashion, events & pr chatter. Follow her @ThreeEventsPR

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