Fashionista Find: Lucy in the Sky with Lily Allen’s Fall Collection

A favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, songstress Lily Allen, alongside her sister Sarah Owen, launched their own vintage shop in London in 2010 called Lucky in Disguise.

With summer approaching, Allen told Women’s Wear Daily, that they are now ready to enter the world of celebrity fashion with 18 pieces due out at the end of summer.

Inspired by Lucy, who is “a time-traveling fashionista who’s inviting you to explore her wardrobe.…it’s a great opportunity to play with the character,” the pieces are bright, with a variety of prints and look like they will be produced in a variety of textures (or so we hope).

With a price point of between $175-$630 for a 18-piece selection of 1940s-inspired pieces, we remain skeptical.

Like Lauren Conrad who has failed miserably to impress, and Victoria Beckham, of whom we love, but have yet to be in awe of her fashion lines, Lily Allen will have to prove to herself.

Not everyone can be the next Donna Karen or Diane von Furstenberg, no matter how well they dress or how much they love clothing, and that’s just the plain truth of the matter.

The brand will be launching exclusively at Shopbop in the US (are you really surprised?) and Harvey Nicholas as well as TopShop in the UK (again, are you really surprised?)

Though, SheFinds reports that TopShop will be carrying the line after it’s initial release at TopShop.

And while the sketches are cute, they look like something out of a children’s catalog rather than a those getting ready to grace upper market shopping venues within the next few months.

We personally like these two, but aren’t sure we’d actually wear them anywhere feasibly.

At least there are no dead deer this time around.

Thanks…because we could certainly do without that.

See the rest of the sketches below:-

(Sources: Style Catcher & Fashionista)


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