Cheeky Lady Gaga: Gaunt or Glam?

By: Lindsay McHugh, guest blogger

There is no middle ground when it comes to Lady Gaga: you either love her or you hate her.

While Team Gaga sees her fashion risks as a breath of creativity, others view her over-the-top reinventions as a cry for attention.

Both camps have to agree that she has done well to carefully craft her persona, never allowing herself to be out of the spotlight for long.

The Gaga brand is a distinct one and she has continually kept us talking, whether about her infamous coat of Kermits or her meaty awards ensemble.

Last week, Lady Gaga posted this twitpic to help promote the upcoming release of her latest album, Born This Way, due out on May 23.

Although she sported similar make-up for an i-D photo shoot, the look in her twitpic is more severe with sunken cheeks and a skeletal facial frame.

With the sensitivity surrounding the impact that media has on adolescents and body image, has this latest promotional photo blurred the line between Gaga as an inspiration and a thinspirational pin-up?

Fashionista expects that she will cop a reaction for the photo for promoting anorexia. Unlike in her i-D shoot, her cheekbones appear less costume and more gaunt.

I can see where critics will say that she is putting forth an unhealthy image of beauty and has taken the look too far.

But then again, isn’t that what Gaga is all about?

I am a huge advocate of promoting positive body image, but I feel that it isn’t quite time for the eating disorder awareness champions to bring out their pitchforks. An integral part of Gaga’s brand is to create controversial content, whether that be in the form of her costumes, her interviews or her make-up.

The undeniable thing about Gaga is also her most reliable quality: she never stays with one look for long.

It’ll be onto the next one before you can say she’s a monster.


Lindsay McHugh is an American expat living in Sydney, Australia. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Temple University (’08) and by day can be found working in Healthcare PR. Catch up with her on Twitter (@lmchugh) or right here on Little Pink Blog.

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  1. Lauren Fritsky says

    What a great post! Don't really have a feeling on Gaga, but I agree that this is very well just another one of her ways to stay fresh and controversial. I think the media has to stop hyperventilating every time someone in the spotlight loses or gains a little weight anyway.