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Turn Up Your Speakers: Paulo Coelho, Filhos de Gandhy and a little Carnaval 2011


UPDATE: March 7, 2011 9:30 p.m. EST


I just found out that Paulo Coelho linked to my blog from his!

Paulo, thank you so much, I am always in awe, humbled & inspired by you! “The Alchemist” is one of my favourite books! It taught me so much 🙂

You are the best!

Sasha xx

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While, browsing Twitter on March 5th, 2011, I came across a post from one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho, on his blog entitled, “Carnaval 2011: Filhos de Gandhy/ Children of Gandhy.”

I know I’ve been writing quite a bit lately about Carnaval and if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen my #ytcarnaval tweets. Just a small bit of background information for some of you, my family is West Indian from Trinidad and our carnival starts as Canaval in Brazil is ending (March 7-8, 2011.)

Port of Spain, actually, boasts the second-largest Carnival in the world next to Rio. Ours is the one, exported and typically labeled as “Caribbean Carnival” in places like Miami, Toronto and London — the big one in Brooklyn? Notting Hill? and that thing in called Caribana in Canada once every summer? Yeaaa, those are my peoples!

So, while, in the past, I’ve never really blogged about too many cultural things… I decided it was time for that to change. 🙂

Anyway, back to Mr. Coelho and the band of people called Filhos de Gandhy [Read more…]