{Heal the World} My Charity: Water – Happy 8th Birthday Aidan!

Aidan & Sasha many moons ago...

Every once in awhile, we’re fortunate enough to be blessed with someone in our lives that makes us proud that we know them, mentored them, helped them, loved them etc.

I guess, I’m exceptionally lucky because I know quite a few people, but I think one, in particular, deserves an extra special mention today — considering it’s his 8th Birthday.

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His name is Aidan.

My little Aidan: nephew, adopted son, pseduo-boyfriend (he’s loved me since he was 2-years old), bebekins, munchkin…

Bebekins turns 4-years old

Bebekins turns 4-years old

So when his mother, called me a few weeks ago with an interesting story about his plan for his birthday, I was very excited…

In January, Aidan was watching 20/20 with his mother, Jennifer (yes, the same one who is one of our {iStyle} bloggers), called “Be the Change: Save a Life.”

He was so taken aback by the fact that there is an immense amount of unclean water the world over, especially in places like Africa and Asia that the next evening he asked his mother at dinner if he could donate his birthday this year to charity…

Me: You’re kidding?

Jenn: He wants too. I was surprised, so yeaaa… your nephew said donate, btw, or he’s going to revoke your “titi-girlfriend:” status.

Me: haha, yea, okay. I will. No worries.

[I mean this is Aidan, we’re talking about —

he loves birthday parties, trips to Disney and has known how to gel his own hair since he was 3.

The ladybug & her cowboy ♥ x

The ladybug & her cowboy ♥ x

I mean the kid even knows which nail polish colours go best with titi-Sasha’s outfit…]

In a nutshell, he started asking all the kids in his class to donate $8.00 as well as his family and friends to reach his original goal of $800.00

His mum, reached out to me, as well as, a few of our friends who know the digital sphere and we’ve been posting it on Facebook, e-mailing our friends and tweeting the link on Twitter throughout about five of our networks.

Needless to say, I don’t think any of us expected Aidan to get to $800, but we thought it was so cute and of course we wanted to help out the best that we could!

And…. behold!

Aidan made the local news in Miami and surpassed his original goal of $800!

His new goal (by April) is to raise $5,000 to build a well in one of the villages.

Needless to say, I’m exceptionally proud of him!

It’s an excellent example of local social media and word-of-mouth in action!

And it goes to show you that on both fronts, you’re never too young to start giving back and getting involved globally and digitally — even if a grown-up does it on your behalf 🙂

Check out his spoof on the Old Spice commercials:-

So from Aidan & I, we hope you can help him reach his goal of $5,000 to {Heal the World} by donating your $8.00 USD to My Charity: Water today.

… and it’s tax deductible.

… and who knows, perhaps you’ll get a little “thank you” too, I mean, what can I say, the kid’s a heart-breaker:



Deuces xx


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