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{Tickled Pink} “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But…”

“Oh yes,

the past can hurt.

But [Read more…]

@SamuelTsui’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” #MusicMonday

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You probably remember me blogging about this awesome guy back in May 2010, well, did you know that Sam Tsui also did some holiday music with his friend Kurt Hugo Schneider?

Well, here you go!

Enjoy 🙂

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{iStyle} $2M Bra, Angels & the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Tuesday, November 30th marked the re-occurrence of one of the most talked about and widely anticipated prime-time events—the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

CBS had broadcast the event, which originally took place two weeks ago in New York City.

Joined by Katy Perry and Akon, the “Angels” owned the catwalk modeling some of the most revealing, yet delicate, ensembles to date. [Read more…]

Bottle the Christmas Spirit With Unique Wine Labels

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By Amanda Montgomery, Guest Blogger

So you’ve surveyed the ultimate Family Thanksgiving Gathering, Fearless Black Friday Shoppers and your employer’s watchful eye as you hunted for deals on Cyber Monday.

The Holiday Season is here and that means many things: Tinsel, Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire, Snowmen, Happy Hours and Christmas Parties.  You may not have time to stop by and pick up a hostess gift but who doesn’t need a bottle of wine during this festive time of year? [Read more…]

{Tickled Pink} “We are each responsible for our own…” #Oprah [video]

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“We are each


for our own [Read more…]

Era of the Social Consumer: The Rise of the Private Sale Sites

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Brian Solis said it best,

“What may sound like buzz words or mere hype, is actually the beginning of the end of business as usual. Welcome to the rise of the social consumer and a new era of social commerce”.

In today’s society there isn’t a thing you cannot find online. Shopping has never been easier—and for a fashionista with a spending problem, like myself, online social commerce has become my drug [Read more…]

Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear: The Gratitude List

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

They say “count your blessings” and it sounds so simple, to the point it pretty much sounds stupid and almost superficial.

The thing is, as I’ve learned, when things get tough — think about the good things. There might [Read more…]

Heels With Wheels: Angela Irick Designs Inspirational Fashion for People With Disability

Favorite Fashion Collage | Me

By Amanda Montgomery, Guest Blogger

As the holiday season gets into full swing, how many nights a week do you fly out of the office on the way to yet another jolly event, toting your favorite, festive hand bag and rocking those fabulous heels you nabbed for a killer price last March?

You’re make-up is perfect, and your jeans are amazing but all of these things put together only produce an outfit.  What if putting on the perfect party dress wasn’t that easy?

14-years ago, even before a paralyzing car crash dramatically altered Angela Irick’s world and placed her in a wheelchair, Irick wasn’t really focused on fashion trends all that much.  [Read more…]

{Tickled Pink} “Life Is…” #quotes [video]

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“Life [Read more…]

Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear III: The Flowers of Adversity

There is this funny thing about life that happens — it gets in the way of itself.

There is no rhyme, no reason, no logic and no sense of sense.

Blaise Pascal, the famous French mathematician said,

“Le cÅ“ur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point.”

In other words,

“The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.”

In 1989, Bruce Hornsby wrote “The End of the Innocence” where he said,

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“Remember when the days were long and rolled beneath a deep blue sky,
Didn’t have a care in the world with mommy and daddy standing by,
When “happily ever after” fails and we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales…”

… and dreams of Disney, The Grimm Brothers fairy tales and Barbie dolls came to mind, slightly behind the cursing of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell shortly thereafter.

It’s an interesting dynamic how the world works: the fine line between what we are taught to believe, forced upon us by society, and what truly exists.

In work, in relationships, with friends, lovers and foes – it’s that loathsome, self-depreciating torturous loophole in the human psyche where we contribute to the deterioration of our own control.

In 1949, Walt Disney said [Read more…]