Bump, Scan, Text, Tweet, Email, Trade … Your Info?

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By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

I’m guessing that toward the end of December you’re probably running low on business cards because you’ve been out around town, wheeling deals, going out for cocktails with potential clients, and of course stopping by countless Christmas Parties.

You’ve mingled under mistletoe, made friends by the fire side, and chatted while roasting Chestnuts.

You’ve just given out your last business card and now that guy you wanted to talk to all night is headed your way.


Get creative this holiday season and when he asks for your number to plan an ice skating date, show him how tech savvy you are and trade your details 21st century style–

With a number of new and handy mobile apps, exchanging numbers takes just one…

– Bump | Only for those with fancy iPhones but it brings a whole new meaning to the ‘age old’ fist jam tradition.

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– Tweet | Try trading Twitter handles so you can DM a cutie quickly and make it seem casual

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– Blackberry Scan | When you swap scans on the move, Blackberry automatically files this information under your Blackberry Messenger– quick, convenient, effortless.

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– T Shirt Ping | Maybe a little bit more adventurous, but certain individuals might find this useful…

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– Text | When all else fails, send a text to save the number/email for a later date; just make sure you file it under the right name before hitting up the Reindeer Juice!

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Amanda Montgomery is a proud University of Alabama alumnus, and one of the youngest Social Media Specialists with the firm Social Media Delivered. She helps clients orchestrate and execute strategic, creative and successful community content campaigns. As a Recruitment Supervisor, Montgomery also serves as the Intern Committee Chair. Amanda is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Texas-Dallas in Emerging Media & Communication. She is an active member of the Dallas Ad League, the Dallas Press Club, and the Dallas Contemporary Foundation. Connect with her via Twitter, @acmontgomery or at LinkedIn.com/in/AmandaMontgomery.

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