Sunglass Hut Recruits 350 Potential FT, Fabulous, Fashion Bloggers

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By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

An online/media attention frenzy ignited throughout the social network sphere on October 1, 2010 when the chicest, smartest bloggers from around the world began registering for Sunglass Hut’s ‘Full-Time Fabulous’ Blogger Contest.

The prize at stake?

One lucky winner will be selected in January 2011 and receive a year long, freelance contract worth $100,000USD to report on behalf of Sunglass Hut’s yet revealed new blog.

The gamut’s been set, the contestants have entered, and only one will be deemed worthy because they’ve got what it takes to be Full-Time Fabulous.

Throughout the contest period Sunglass Hut has relied on several aspects of social media to spread the word of course with Twitter, Facebook and several edgy videos.

Perhaps hoping to inspire or remind the contestants how vital fashion’s role has been throughout the history of the world, various tabs outlining contest rules and procedures feature famous quotes from historic figures which include everyone from Coco Chanel, to Logan Pearsall Smith, to Seneca the mid-1st century AD Roman Philosopher:

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Doritos’s set the stage for brands who wanted to work with and leverage user generated content when they began featuring ‘user-generated’ YouTube videos as their choice for the biggest TV ad buy a brand can make – the :30 second Super Bowl spot.

Now a few years later, brands are being pushed in directions where they must continue to reinvent themselves and reach out to the target consumer in new ways.

If you’re Sunglass Hut, or any other international retailer, bringing on a ‘Full-Time, Fabulous’ Fashion Blogger maybe the smartest hire you make all year.

Those contending for the big prize enter by submitting a video they had to create individually, cutting down on strain with HR, the general public votes for the Top 10, you host a Blog Off throughout the month of December to test their skills then decide whose the best in January.

So how did Sunglass Hut recruit 350 potential contestants to enter a battle worthy of a Gladiator arena?  Check out what comes with the lucky winner’s prize pack:

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In the midst of an economic inferno which has put so many professionals around the world out of work, this opportunity shows how brands are adapting to the times, changing their corporate structure to include new marketing roles, and perhaps indicates that the best times are yet to come for those with a background in communications.

When I asked one contender, Kendall Shifler from Dallas, Texas why she would pack up from her very secure, full time day gig that is quite similar to the Sunglass Hut job description she said…

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“I am crazy about my current job and the people I work with but I decided to enter the Sunglass Hut contest because it was an incredible, career changing opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.  The international Sunglass Hut brand understands that selling a lifestyle, not a product or a service, through a story on a blog is far more effective most of time in comparison to buying a magazine ad or TV spot.  I had nothing to loose, everything to gain, and it was only a one year commitment to experience a life changing circumstance.”

Looking ahead, contestant voting will end November 17th 2010, and the top 10 selected Bloggers will move to the next elimination round: A month long Blog Off which begins December 1st and ends December 31st at midnight.

The final winner will be selected on or around January 10th 2010.

If you’re vying for the prize  sharpen those stilettos and report like crazy or support your favorites before the polls close.  It’s a rough fashion world out there, someone’s got to report on it fabulously full time.


Amanda Montgomery is a proud University of Alabama alumnus, and one of the youngest Social Media Specialists with the firm Social Media Delivered. She helps clients orchestrate and execute strategic, creative and successful community content campaigns. As a Recruitment Supervisor, Montgomery also serves as the Intern Committee Chair.  Amanda is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Texas-Dallas in Emerging Media & Communication. She is an active member of the Dallas Ad League, the Dallas Press Club, and the Dallas Contemporary Foundation.  Connect with her via Twitter, @acmontgomery or at

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  1. I love this blog! Love that it's about the most fabulous blogging contest ever, and LOVE that the author went to Alabama (my home state!).

    Since we're talking about the contest of a lifetime (and yours truly is one of the 350 fabulous contestants vying for the dream job) I would love to ask everybody to vote for Lori Vining! I'm SO close to making the semi-finals and need YOUR vote to make the cut and have a chance at the opportunity of a lifetime.

    So PLEASE VOTE FOR LORI VINING in Sunglass Hut's Full Time Fabulous Blogger Contest! VOTING ENDS WED NOV 17 11:59PM ET! Help me get to the semi-finals by voting here:

    Plus – you get $20 off at Sunglass Hut just for voting!

    And as always,
    Love, peace and sunglasses

    *Don't forget to vote for Lori*

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