Drugs, Sex & Lies Revisited: Sweet Valley Re-Emerges 10-Years Later With CONFIDENTIAL

Holy heck and some, the drama of the drug-infested, kidnapping-crazed, sex-obsessed world of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High series has returned!

Mark thy calendars because 1983 will return with a lusty, vengeful twist on March 29, 2011.

That is the date set for the release of a new book, Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later.

At the popularity of its fame, Sweet Valley High were the books for young girls across the globe as they chronicled the drama-filled lives of 16-year old twins Elizabeth (the good one) and Jessica Wakefield (the not-so-good one), the “perfect” California twins with eyes “exactly the colour of the Pacific Ocean.”

The new book, to be published in hardcover form, is not a teen book.

Rather, it’s been categorized as normal adult fiction and is set to take place ten years after the twins left the Sweet Valley, California coast.

As the story is supposed to go, Confidential has Jessica still living in Sweet Valley while, Elizabeth has moved to New York City…and is looking to take revenge against her sister.

Did Todd Wilkins make Jessica preggers?

Better yet, what exactly did Jessica do? What happened to Winston Egbert and more so than that, where is the evilly-luscious Lila Fowler?

Katy Hershberger - St. Martin's Press

Well, lovelies, only March 29, 2011 will be able to answer that sinful question.

Branding, Gen-X &

the Millennial

Within the past few years young adult and teenage fiction has made a return to the limelight. But what’s the most interesting about that is the demographic pushing the purchasing because it’s not actually tweens, teens or ‘young adults.’ It’s the tail-end of Generation X and Gen-Y, proper.

The Millennial Generation grew up on Harry Potter and filled the void J.K. Rowling left with Twilight (much to this blogger’s dismay.) This generation was on the tail-end of the re-emergence of Nancy Drew (and the College Years) as well as Sweet Valley High and obviously still has an appetite for content. Therefore, it only makes sense that the series would return. However, instead of introducing itself to a new band of sisters, it will be re-embracing the original clan.

The middle ground between the two generations, filtering more towards Gen-Y, seems to be marketing’s stomping ground.

This makes a lot of sense. In interviews, J.K. Rowling has even said that if another Harry Potter series or book were to be written, to would go into the future of the trio. In other words, moving forward and growing up with the generation that made it popular to begin with.

OPI, in fact, is making Katy Perry and Justin Bieber nail polish. Tweens and ‘young adults,’ typically, do not purchase $8.00-$12.00 nail polish. The OPI (and sister brand Nicole’s) demographic is 18-35 and older women, probably 45-50+. Take a look at their advertisements, colour collections over the years and where they place their print advertisements. It’s quite obvious.

After all, with the decline of the boy bands at the start of the 2000s, many of the groups reemerged  five years later to market themselves to the same generation (with the help of  a little Generation X) that were pre-pubescent and gangling girls when they first arrived o the music scene.

The New Kids on the Block reunited, the Backstreet Boys are still on tour, Take That reemerged from the flames with Robbie Williams in tow, Boyzone…is still Boyzone and Justin Timberlake was in The Social Network – a film that is supposed to be the defining film of the Millennial Generation.

So the return of Sweet Valley? This is huge, for fan girls we are talking Barbie-breaking-up-with-Ken-and-getting-back-together-as-well-as-Nancy-Drew-possibly-marrying-Ned-Nickerson-HUGE!

If it isn’t a sign of the times, then what is?

Lest we forgot, Miss Britney Spears is still around…


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  1. I would try to express how excited I am about this book but I would look like a complete nerd. *squee*

  2. I would try to express how excited I am about this book but I would look like a complete nerd. *squee*