PRADA Goes Global Glamazon With New “Made In…” Project

PRADA is stepping up its global enterprise by seeking inspiration from far away lands.

Mario Prada, the fashion house’s original visionary, spent the early twentieth century traveling the world in need of a refreshing muse or two. In search of the most luxurious fabrics, exotic materials and techniques, Mario Prada evolved into a renowned “gentleman-connoisseur.”

His curiosity, exquisite taste and yearning to incorporate sophisticated international ideals remains a priority for the Prada family today.

In this era of globalization PRADA engages the melting pot theory and continues to assimilate innovative cultural designs.

By developing their latest “Made In…” project, PRADA has stayed true to Mario’s global instincts.

This time by visiting Scotland, India, Japan and Peru, PRADA brings each culture’s fashionable aspirations to life with collections specific to each respective region.

In a recent press release PRADA gave a sneak peak at what global fashionistas can expect from their latest creations:

“PRADA Made in Scotland”—

A collection of traditional tartan wool kilts from the original UK workshops that utilize centuries-old manufacturing and weaving techniques.

“PRADA Made in India”—

A collection of entirely handmade garments from the workshops that specialize in Chikan– the most ancient and refined type of Indian embroidery– as well as handmade, multicolored ballerina flats, sandals and handbags that employ an equally sophisticated traditional weaving technique.

“PRADA Made in Japan”—

A collection of jeans produced by Dova, the world’s most sophisticated denim manufacturer. The “PRADA Made in Japan” jeans can be custom ordered in four different varieties of cloth and seven different washes, meaning that every article is one-of-a-kind.

“PRADA Made in Peru”—

A collection of alpaca wool knitwear using artisan techniques from the most traditional workshops of the Peruvian “campesinos”.

Each piece will also include a special PRADA label dedicated to its country of origin.

Quite simply, Prada’s “Made In…” mini-collections pay homage and show appreciation for international fashions across the globe.


Kelly Ahern is a recent Roger Williams Univeristy graduate living in New England. She graduated with a degree in Communications-Public Relations and a Core Concertration in Italian. She is an aspiring PR professional who loves social media, fashion and traveling. You can find her on Twitter @Kelly_Ahern.

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