Eco-Fashion: Green is the New Black

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

As the “go green” trend continues to rise in popularity, many consumers have made it their mission to incorporate small sustainable changes into their everyday routines.

It’s only natural that the fashion industry would carve out its own niche among eco-conscious fashionistas.

A simple keyword search for eco-friendly fashion will present you with a plethora of sources– from blogs by self-acclaimed eco-chic stylists to helpful sites like, Eco-Fashion World, geared toward the effective promotion of some of the trendiest sustainable designers and product lines.

Bodkin, featured above, is a eco-line promoted by Eco Fashion World and creates it chic pieces by using post-consumer recycled polyester, recycled wool, salavaged textiles and much more.

REUSE Jeans, also found on Eco Fashion World, boasts its ability to re-create vital wardrobe staples while using 80% recycled denim.

Eco Fashion World is particularly pertinent for an eco-newcomer, giving visitors a user-friendly overview of global designers as well as access to a description of each “eco-standard”, allowing the fashion-conscious to narrow one’s search by choosing products that are Fair Trade certified, organic, recycled, vegan and ethically produced.

Both designers and retailers have taken a hint from the eco-wise.

American fashion designer, Sarah Van Aken, has taken the sustainable fashion industry by storm. As the creator of the SV VA fashion line, which was featured in the inaugural Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009, Sarah has taken her socially-conscious retail choices to the Internet, launching

The line and site promotes fair trade, environmentally friendly practices, in addition to local job development. SV VA’s flagship has also partnered with local Philadelphia volunteer organizations such as Career Wardrobe to provide volunteer opportunities to the company’s staff and customers.

Eco-extraordinaire Linda Loudermilk is passionate about the cause and has created her line, Luxury Eco, by using fabrics made from bamboo jersey, soybeans, recycled soda bottles and wood pulp.

When speaking about her vision for fashion’s eco-future Loudermilk told press that, “we aim to give eco-glamour legs, a fabulous look and a slammin’ attitude that stops traffic and shouts the message: eco can be edgy, loud, fun, playful, feminine (or not) and hyper-cool”.

Even some of the biggest names in fashion are following in Loudermilk’s footsteps and are giving sustainable practices a try; Stella McCartney is known for refusing to use animal products in her pieces…and who can forget Heatherette designer Richie Rich whose corn-fiber skirt was a favorite during New York’s 2005 Fashion Week.

With now five years experience behind New York, this month’s upcoming Fashion Week is sure to make an impact.

Environmentally friendly fashion will continue to command attention in a special two-day show at the Metropolitan Pavilion during New York Fashion Week.

This will be the third season of The Green Shows Eco Fashion Week and it will run from September 12-14 alongside NYFW.

According to a piece from UK-based The Independent, “The Green Shows will present designers that are committed to environmental and social responsibility and this event will be the only event exclusively focusing on environmental and fair trade responsibilities throughout New York Fashion Week”.

The Independent also listed the ten designers confirmed to be showing their collections during this super-sustainable event: Samantha Pleet (New York), Susan Cianciolo (NY), Bright Young Things by Eliza Starbuck (NY), Ashton Michael Black Label (Los Angeles), Lavuk by Natasha Gindin (LA), Jo Ann Berman (NY), Auralis (NY/Puerto Rico), Luis Valenzuela (Miami), Dress Reform (NY), and Milliners Gulld (NY).

The, Metropolitan Pavilion itself also features 55,000 sq ft of eco-friendly flooring, LED lighting and enforces a strict recycling program—perfect for a tribute to sustainable lifestyle.


Kelly Ahern is a recent Roger Williams Univeristy graduate living in New England. She graduated with a degree in Communications-Public Relations and a Core Concentration in Italian. She is an aspiring PR professional who loves social media, fashion and traveling. You can find her on Twitter @Kelly_Ahern.

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  2. Somewhereoverthefences says

    not bad…

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