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NEW Layout! “Twitter: Discover What’s New In Your World”

Photo via WeHeartIt

September 14, 2010 marked a very important announcement from social media platform-heavyweight, Twitter: they are changing their layout.

This is a huge deal because it’s the first time [Read more…]

On CNN: Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder Equates the Need for PERFECTION

Malaika Arora via Amrita Arora

Is ethnic beauty

the new ‘it’ factor?

I’m one lucky girl.

I am. I am. I am.

And I would like to personally thank the amazing Liane Membis for including me in her project.

On Monday September 13, 2010 I was quoted in a CNN article about women, beauty and ‘perfection.’ I had quite a few people (friends, Twitter buddies and family) reach out to tell me that they not only agreed with that I said, but they wholeheartedly appreciated that I said it. [Read more…]