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From Stella McCartney

The name itself happens to elicit fame.

It is notable, memorable and will never be forgotten—but that can’t all be accredited to her beloved Beatles father.

Barely even 40-years old and British designer Stella McCartney is at the top of her game, actually it’s quite possible she’s even surpassed the top.

Her extensive accomplishments include the introduction of several personal lines, numerous collaborations and becoming chief designer for the House of Chloe just two years after her college graduation. Now married, with three children and another on the way, Stella appears to have it all.

It all began in London on September 13, 1971 when Stella entered the world as the second child of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his photographer wife, Linda Eastman.

From Stella McCartney

It’s been said that the McCartneys wanted their children to have the most normal life possible, so naturally Stella and her siblings were sent to the local state school in East Sussex.

But Stella would never be “normal.”

At just 13-years old, Stella made her interest in fashion very clear, by designing her first jacket.

A remarkable three years later she began interning for Christian Lacroix as he embarked on his debut design collection. She continued to sharpen her skills by working for Edward Sexton, her father’s Savile Row tailor.

During the early 1990’s she completed her foundational studies at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and then took up fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Stella’s 1995 graduation collection was modeled by her prestigious friends and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss.

It was met with unyielding support and made front page news as the entire collection was sold to the London boutique, Toiko.

From Stella McCartney

She has since designed clothes for Madonna, Annie Lennox and costumes for feature films starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law.

Stella has also worked on projects with the likes of Gary Hume, Reem Alasadi, R. Crumb, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha and David Remfy.

Furthermore, her successes with various other collaborations, such as her sold-out H&M line, have brought her only more triumph.

Utilizing her talent to its fullest potential allowed Stella to launch a joint-venture line with Adidas in 2004, cultivating a long-term partnership with the corporation.

The sports apparel line for women consists of swim, gym, running, tennis and winter-sports pieces. Since its introduction, Stella has managed to grow the line by adding on a branch called Gym Yoga; inspired by ballet and dance uniforms.

Well, with all of this achievement, what is her inspiration you ask?

Stella and Friends: Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler & Kate Bosworth

It’s quite simple—her mother.

As a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, McCartney not only does not eat meat but she refuses to use fur or leather in her designs.

She is a proud PETA supporter.

She has also been known to incorporate her “no animal” initiatives in some of her pieces, for example, one of her jackets created for Adidas reads “suitable for sporty vegetarians” on the sleeve.

Stella attributes her strive to be eco-conscious to her late mother, Linda.

The designer, who plans on releasing an eco-organic line, has said in an interview with UK’s Female First, “I think my mum would be really proud of me because I have actually done something in fashion. My mother was amazing. So much of what I do and what I stand for comes from her and the way I was brought up.”

From Stella McCartney

What’s next for the already accomplished Brit? Why, the Olympics of course!

Stella will oversee the design of the British Olympic team’s athletic clothing for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

The designer was recently appointed creative director for Team Great Britain and will help to shape the gear that will be made by Adidas.

The British Olympic Association announced that this was the first time in the history of the summer games that a designer will work with a sports brand to create the team’s kits.

She has commented to the Daily Mail UK that, “as a British fashion designer it is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

It is quite the opportunity, and it certainly wouldn’t come as a shock if it results in the most stylish Olympic attire to date!


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