{ADbitious} How to take an African Safari Ride with Louis Vuitton

Lions, Tigers and Louis Vuitton, Oh yeaaa baby!

Recently, luxury brand Louis Vuitton released their images for the 2010 travel collection.

Starring Dree Hemingway (yes, Ernest’s great-granddaughter), there’s an ample amount of tents, lion cubs, sunsets, campfires and feelings of a wild heart reinstating exactly what the brand stands for: luxury.

The thing is, when we think of Africa, we think of the poor and under privileged — which we know is awfully stereotypical of us. That and the entire set seems very colonial — almost too colonial, in fact.

So while, it’s gorgeous to view, the entire set seems incredibly unrealistic with a throwback to 1940s Hollywood.

However, that being said, it’s nice to see a brand embracing Africa.

It’s nice to see a brand embracing the land for it’s lush and unknown-wide open spaces, animals and bringing glamour back into the Dark Continent.

We can certainly applaud that because it defies what is typically ‘fabulous’ these days (i.e. Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, etc.)

Plus, the set eludes that old Hollywood style of ‘The African Queen’ with a touch of the contemporary.

This is probably our favourite image from the entire set:-

The set was shot by Carter Smith, under the direction of William Snieg. The models were styled by Antje Winter and the catalog was produced by Brachfeld.

Absolutely love this one too:-

It’s all so ‘The English Patient’ meets ‘A Far Off Place’  — we love 🙂

y tu?

*All Images via Louis Vuitton*


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  1. Louis Just makes everything PERFECT.. hahaa
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  2. Beautiful ads- the mood of Africa is captured well. Best campaign pics I've seen in a while! The one with the lion cub makes me wonder- what happens when he/she pees?

  3. hahaha, so true!

  4. Pictures are outstanding.I really enjoyed it very much.


  5. Pictures are outstanding.I really enjoyed it very much.


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