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Success in VIRAL for the Social Web: Girl Quits Job via Dry Erase Board

Meet Jenny. (UPDATE: August 13, 2010 – Interview w/ ‘Jenny’ on LemonDrop)

Jenny is our new hero.

Well, actually, Jenny is our would-be-hero had we thought Jenny was real.

But, alas, it was a hoax.

Click to Enlarge via LemonDrop that Jenny is Fake to read

But it doesn’t matter, because the folks at The Chive, who hired Jenny (whose real name is Elyse Porterfield) — well, they still made our day reading this bit about a women who quit her job via dry erase board and outed her icky, icky, icky boss at the same time.

We, the women folk, who have put up (or currently are putting up) with skeezy men — yes, we can relate, we can appreciate, we can sympathize.

Heck, anyone who has ever been in Jenny’s situation (or something similar) could relate, man or woman.

And that, my friends, is the key to making something go viral in the social space: [Read more…]