Archives for March 17, 2010

Red Friend Tomfoolery: the Tampon & the Advertisement that sort of is?

As *ahem* ladies products adverts go, well, they’re typically nothing like what it’s really like when one’s little friend called Red comes to visit each month.

Boys, let me educate you, contrary to what most of the advertising industry is showing you on television, no we don’t wear yoga and spandex for a week, no we don’t want to gallop for glee and ride horses along the beach, no we don’t feel like donning a red dress and going salsa dancing and most certainly not do we want to fly seven feet in the air in skimpy cheerleading uniforms doing tricks.

Which is precisely why these new adverts (both traditional print and made for television) from Kotex are actually pretty cool. They are marketing the products by parodying [Read more…]