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#MusicMonday – Onions, Oil, Dirt & Shakira’s La Tortura

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“No te vayas, no te vayas
Oye negrita mira, no te rajes
De lunes a viernes tienes mi amor
Déjame el sábado a mi que es mejor
Oye mi negra no me castigues más
Porque allá afuera sin ti no tengo paz
Yo solo soy un hombre muy arrepentido

Soy como el ave que vuelve a su nido
Yo se que no he sido un santo
Es que no estoy echo de carton”

Just a little something that reminds me of home *sniffles*

Saw in concert about three times and love, love, love mi chica bonita [Read more…]

How to: Help a Job-Seeker Out [HAJSO]


It’s no secret that I was on a job hunt, nor is it a secret that I was hired and am I’m happily employed, working for a company I’ve always wanted to be apart of. 🙂

But the road wasn’t easy and sometimes the people who are in, what we think, are the best positions to help us, can’t really be of service.

Sometimes, there just aren’t jobs available.

If there is anything that I’ve learned throughout my search, it’s that helping a job-seeker out isn’t limited to just helping the seeker find a job. There is so much more a ‘helper’ can [Read more…]