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{Confessions of a PRetty Social Girl} The HIRED! #GenY

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It was the worst of times, it was the best of times in these cities to which we, Gen-Y, are living and notes on The Alchemist later, this Gen-Y was hired. 🙂

If I could write a letter to me… I would tell me what I’m going to tell you …

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{Confessions of a PRetty Social Girl} How to Rent an Apartment in NYC #relocate #entryPR

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When I decide that relocating was what I wanted to do, I narrowed down my choices of cities to places where I had a support system aka family or very close friends in that area I could count on.

It’s easier that way.

When I say that “I could count on,” I mean people who take you apartment hunting, drive/walk around with you, pop open a map and show you where things are, people who will sit down with you and educate you about your new city as a local etc.

Apartment hunting equated a new bane of my being.

No lie.


KNOW where you want to live.

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#MusicMonday – I Love This Bar

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“Something with a little more edge and a little more pain.”

Not going to lie, I was definitely on Team Dixie Chicks during their whole feud with Toby Keith based on personal preferences etc. I loathe and utterly despise “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”

But I do love me some real Southern, gritty and awesomeness that is the rest of the music of Mr. Keith! Plus, his videos remind me of good ‘ole Southern living. 🙂

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