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#MusicMonday Amazing Version of “The Prayer” 25 artists sing for #Haiti

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So beautiful! I love it 🙂

Basically, a group of the top classical artists in the United Kingdom got together thanks to the amazing Mrs. Nadia Raibin and they sang “The Prayer” (originally from Quest for Camelot sung by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli) to help raise money for Haiti. [Read more…]

{ADbitious} The Not So Silky Shattering of a Smooth Jose Cuervo

Eh, I don’t get it. I mean I do get ‘it,’ but I never was one to put the word “smooth” and the word “shatters” together in the same sentence before. They just don’t cohabit literary land together in the same house.

Oh well, Colangelo Synergy Marketing seemed to think so for Jose Cuervo’s Silver tequilas with this baby.

All in all, it’s not a bad advert, but the copy makes it feel off colour. Basically, Colangelo created this bit where a bottle of Cuervo is encased in a block of ice which shatters. As it shatters, spits of blue flame ice pop up and eventually the audience sees some party-hardy folks banging their shot glasses [Read more…]

Countdown to the 11th DOCTOR WHOgasm [videos] #pr #advertising

via the BBC. Regeneration from 10th to 11th.

(Possibly on Harry Potter levels, but we’ll leave that up for debate)

I think we’ve realized this somewhere along the space and time continuum a few years back, that I really love this thing called Doctor Who and guess what Pink guys and dolls? Season 11 is coming! *yay!*

Okay, unless you’re a sci-fi fan, have some sort of anger towards David Tennant because you think he’s an idiot for leaving, pay attention to all things Barty Crouch Jr., and/or watch BBC America, I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, believe that this post is for you. 🙂

Matt Smith’s Doctor Who

So onwards to the TARDIS and the Season 5, 11th Doctor Clips:- [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Black Children: Endangered Species

My friend Cydia sent this to me in the midst of my move from Miami to NYC and I’m only now getting to it. So this isn’t new news, except to me of course, but still, wow and a bit of WTF?

Basically, the billboard advertisement states that “Black Children Are an Endangered Species” and was pushed [Read more…]

Are All Bloggers REALLY Male?

via WeHeartIt

Last week I read this article in the Globe and Mail by Margaret Wente that talked about people having opinions, stating opinions online and how most bloggers (in the sense of what blogging really is) happen to be male.

I’m sorry, did I suddenly grow facial hair, have my Betty Draper bits disappear and suddenly don bits of the Don?

huh? [Read more…]

#MusicMonday Sweet Thing: It’s Urban Time!

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I love Keith Urban.

He’s the hottest man of country music in a pair of jeans.

@LindsTR, @KMskala (even though he won’t admit it) and I … we dieee each time he’s on the television screen. Not to mention  he has better hair than any women I know 🙂

Oh and did I mention that he’s also [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between Women and Beer?

… apparently nothing according to the latest advert by Stella Artois.


I mean most brewers use their adverts to tell their audiences how awesome their beers are, how drinking their beer will attract a beautiful woman, or how their beer is just the cool, tough man, incredible beer to drink.

But no, not Stella Artois, whose goal is to suggest that beer and women have one particular thing in common: to please men.

I mean the advertisement is pretty, I’m not going to lie about that. It’s nicely shot. The brunette is very pretty and the contrast of the two objects are pretty damn near awesome and perfect. Except that’s the problem, at least in my opinion, we’re talking about objects — women as objects.

Not cool. Not cool by a long shot.

There are far better and more creative ways to shoot a beer commercial — just ask Guinness or Johnnie Walker. Guinness adverts are always amazing. I have yet to see one I don’t like. Same goes for Johnnie Walker.

My two favourite adverts of all time are Guinness’s black and white surfer advert by the beach with the stallions of water and then Johnnie Walker’s the Man who Walked Around the World and the Striding Man in black and white to the song ‘In Caelum Fero.’

Speaking of which, have you seen this other nifty Stella advert?

Again, I don’t get it.

Is it just me?

Say it ain’t so!

I mean while, I’m a girlie girl, I think I have a sting of man-power in me somewhere. So if I were a dude, I wouldn’t find this at all appealing and as a woman, I’m a bit confused by the blatant sexism and absurdity of it all.

Umm, right so…

Dear Stella Artois,

I’m a girl and I drink beer too.

Don’t forget about my gender.


Me xx.


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{ADbitious} IKEA + Paris = The Metro Station?

This is seriously the most creative and pretty much awesome use of strategy in advertising I’ve seen in a long time.

What am I talking about?

A really cool campaign by IKEA in the metro (subway) stations of Paris, France.

From the [Read more…]

Red Friend Tomfoolery: the Tampon & the Advertisement that sort of is?

As *ahem* ladies products adverts go, well, they’re typically nothing like what it’s really like when one’s little friend called Red comes to visit each month.

Boys, let me educate you, contrary to what most of the advertising industry is showing you on television, no we don’t wear yoga and spandex for a week, no we don’t want to gallop for glee and ride horses along the beach, no we don’t feel like donning a red dress and going salsa dancing and most certainly not do we want to fly seven feet in the air in skimpy cheerleading uniforms doing tricks.

Which is precisely why these new adverts (both traditional print and made for television) from Kotex are actually pretty cool. They are marketing the products by parodying [Read more…]