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Why SPINdustry Is Not PR & Wrongly Portrays the Industry #fail

****** UPDATE: Monday February 22, 2010

I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Cheban & Mr. Huck in this order…

Read for yourselves. It was unsolicited, as I never contacted them directly, until I replied to a person who tweeted me including Mr. Cheban and Mr. Huck into my tweet.

Also, I’d like to mention some things since this is apparently now a topic of conversation: I know the show is for entertainment, but I don’t appreciate how it makes my industry, my degree and the field I work in look to people on the ‘outside.’ Nor do I appreciate how it makes women in public relations appear to be nothing more than far lesser versions of poor Samantha Jones-types from ‘Sex & the City’ with the brains of a Karen Smith from ‘Mean Girls.’



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You need ‘experience’ to pass out bottles of water, short black mini-skirts topped off with neon pink jackets, the keen ability to know not to put mustard in your boss’ sandwich and 4-inch stilettos to work in public relations…that is according to the ghastly new E! reality television show SPINdustry produced by Kim Kardashian. [Read more…]