Archives for February 17, 2010

{iStyle: we just had to share}

So Ms. Sasha is off to the fashion capital of NY {not for NYFW, but for a fabulous job…} and Ms. Jenn has been losing her mind. We know we’ve been absent from iStyle for the past few weeks, but we just had to share this really quickly. For all you fashionistas, we’ve found the perfect stationary.

Behold, Christian Lacroix postcards. Also available, a Lacroix notebook and journal.

You’re welcome.

{ADbitious} Lincoln MKZ’s Luxury at Light Speed! and Shiny Toy Guns

If you are like me, then you’ve been watching that commercial for the Luxury at Lightspeed Lincoln MKZ and saying to yourself, “Ooooh pretty, I love that song!”

So, I don’t know about you … but didn’t have my childhood in the 80s, I was just born in the 80s and therefore, I didn’t know [Read more…]