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#MusicMonday – God Is Great, Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy

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This #MusicMonday is dedicated to my wonderful mummy and her love of country music!

She loves these two song and doesn’t know all the words. When she sings them, it’s rather cute and funny.

She always makes me smile 🙂 [Read more…]

un-ADbitious Sex, Death and Nudity: “Be Stupid” by Diesel

“For Successful Living” … NOT!

WARNING: This post is image heavy.

More balls than brains, show me your tits and other deplorable smutty garbage encompasses the new “Be Stupid” campaign by Diesel.

I need to find a new catch phrase, instead of saying how the human race baffles me sometimes, because I’m beginning to see a pattern of idiotic sheep-like proportions around me. It’s sickening, degrading and a shameless display.

You’re kidding me right?

A trendy, relatively upper-market denim designer label, aimed at 16 to 25-year olds encouraging random sex, foolishness, arrogant dangerous behavior and drugs.

Well, now, isn’t that just dandy.

Diesel has taken what is fundamentally wrong with our society, the things our parents warn us about and things that ARE, in fact, harmful to young people and they have glorified them in an advertising campaign [Read more…]