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Sexed Up Senator: Scott Brown’s 1982 Centerfold Good for the GOP?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of hullabaloo about Senator Scott Brown’s nude photo lately and had yet to see it until recently [Read more…]

Makeup Mutiny: Smart Cosmetics Purchasing

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In November 2009 I posted a very popular, almost controversial article called Be an Informed Cosmetics Buyer, Don’t Be Duped! It received a lot of feedback and I was introduced to a movement called Makeup Mutiny which after some research, I fully support and believe in their mission.

Started by Kristen Leigh Bell, who is also the founder and owner of Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics, Makeup Mutiny is a movement against repackaged cosmetics. It is based on embracing creativity and the folks who put hardwork, science and lots of thought into unique, one-of-a-kind indie, mineral makeup.

Kristen, a primary source, sat down with me and was kind enough to not only delve into some amazing industry secrets, but give Pink Book readers the real deal behind what’s out there. With over 10 years of indie mineral makeup experience, Kristen is an expert who has been around since the start of mineral makeup as [Read more…]