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Why SPINdustry Is Not PR & Wrongly Portrays the Industry #fail

****** UPDATE: Monday February 22, 2010

I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Cheban & Mr. Huck in this order…

Read for yourselves. It was unsolicited, as I never contacted them directly, until I replied to a person who tweeted me including Mr. Cheban and Mr. Huck into my tweet.

Also, I’d like to mention some things since this is apparently now a topic of conversation: I know the show is for entertainment, but I don’t appreciate how it makes my industry, my degree and the field I work in look to people on the ‘outside.’ Nor do I appreciate how it makes women in public relations appear to be nothing more than far lesser versions of poor Samantha Jones-types from ‘Sex & the City’ with the brains of a Karen Smith from ‘Mean Girls.’



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You need ‘experience’ to pass out bottles of water, short black mini-skirts topped off with neon pink jackets, the keen ability to know not to put mustard in your boss’ sandwich and 4-inch stilettos to work in public relations…that is according to the ghastly new E! reality television show SPINdustry produced by Kim Kardashian. [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Prius Harmony: Let Your Love Flow! #advert

Full with green folks, some greenery and a hybrid the Toyota Prius Harmony commercial is everything of that and [Read more…]

{iStyle: we just had to share}

So Ms. Sasha is off to the fashion capital of NY {not for NYFW, but for a fabulous job…} and Ms. Jenn has been losing her mind. We know we’ve been absent from iStyle for the past few weeks, but we just had to share this really quickly. For all you fashionistas, we’ve found the perfect stationary.

Behold, Christian Lacroix postcards. Also available, a Lacroix notebook and journal.

You’re welcome.

{ADbitious} Lincoln MKZ’s Luxury at Light Speed! and Shiny Toy Guns

If you are like me, then you’ve been watching that commercial for the Luxury at Lightspeed Lincoln MKZ and saying to yourself, “Ooooh pretty, I love that song!”

So, I don’t know about you … but didn’t have my childhood in the 80s, I was just born in the 80s and therefore, I didn’t know [Read more…]

#MusicMonday Oh, What a Night! :) … #JerseyBoys #FrankieValli

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Oh what a night! Early February back in 2010 … [Read more…]

We Are The World 25: For Haiti [video]

Debuting before the Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada — the new We Are The World 25th Anniversary for Haiti:-

Other Haiti Earthquake related posts here:-

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Not Easy to Be Real-Life Sleeping Beauty #medicaldisorder #KleineLevin

This has to be one of the most incredible things I’ve ever heard of: Lousia Ball is a normal blonde, British 15-year old girl in every way except one – she sleep for days at a time and cannot be awaken.

Suffering from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also called Sleeping Beauty Sickness, Louisa has a disease to which there is no cure. Some cases have cleared up after eight to twelve years of suffering. Other cases have had the disease go away completely (or so people think) and then come back later in life.

Louisa’s longest ‘nap’ has been for 13 days! There is nothing doctors can do to stop it.

Can you imagine trying to deal with something like this when going to school? university? even if you have a full-time job?

Since there is no control over it either, can you just imagine going on your honeymoon and falling into one of these fits? Wedding day or other important event?

The disease is very inconsistent too, one episode can happen and the next up to months later.

Louisa is basically is missing a third of her life to sleep. This is an extremely rare disease and there are only about 1,000 known cases in the world. wow.

Poor girl. 🙁

This is one case where one princess scenario is not what you want and a handsome prince cannot help.


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Vanity Fair’s Latest Cover Lacks Diversity and Seems Racist

Vanity Fair just came out with their March 2010 cover and it’s gorgeous! It’s bright, vibrant and so fresh. Shot by Annie Leibovitz it’s classy and endearing. Except for one thing: apparently the new young Hollywood is pretty, white and skinny.

There is a serious lack of diversity going on here as the cover features Abbie Cornish, Amanda Seyfried, Anna Kenrick, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, Kristen Stewart, Mia Wasikowska and Rebecca Hall.

What’s not only disturbing is that fact, but, that Vanity Fair left out two very important actresses.

These actresses, currently, can top each of the current issue’s cover girls in terms of accomplishments (by Hollywood and ‘normal’ standards) … combined.

Who are those two young women [Read more…]

#MusicMonday – God Is Great, Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy

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This #MusicMonday is dedicated to my wonderful mummy and her love of country music!

She loves these two song and doesn’t know all the words. When she sings them, it’s rather cute and funny.

She always makes me smile 🙂 [Read more…]