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Good Samaritan or Taking Advantage of Haiti? #RalphLauren

Image via Ralph Lauren

Everyone does it.

Livestrong yellow bracelets. ($1.00 USD per item)

Designer Obama For America t-shirts. (various, most expensive at $70+ during campaign)

Diamond encrusted, golden keys to Keep a Child Alive. ($5,000 USD per item)

It’s everywhere: fashion for a good cause.

But when is does it become too much [Read more…]

{Bookworm} Relocating for an Entry-Level Job by @HeatherHuhman

Image by Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved 2009.

I, like so many other people on the job hunt, am looking outside of my hometown for a place of employment because I don’t want to limit myself and I want to broaden my options.

For me, my choice of cities outside of Miami, where I currently reside, are Orlando and New York City. In order to lend a hand to my search, I was recently bestowed a copy of Heather Huhman’s Relocating for an Entry-Level Job: Why You Probably Have to & How to Do It.

Interesting title, isn’t it? I’m sure you can relate. [Read more…]

NYT Distorts Christina Hendricks Image & Calls Her Fat #MadMen #GoldenGlobes

via Gothamist. NYT on left. Real image on right.

“I want to stand and salute that!”
— Ken Cosgrove, Mad Men

UPDATE: 10:56 p.m. ET

If you want to see the original image, search on the Getty image website for photo #95834707 by Jason Merritt.

The world is a pretty messed up place and continues to prove me right.

This is especially true when I see things like redheaded bombshell Christina Hendricks being called fat, or in this case a “big girl”, by the New York Times with a matching, distorted image to ‘prove’ it. Not only that, but recently, they seem to have no problems letting their entertainment writers perpetrate unhealthy body images to their readers like some gossip rag.

It’s sad.

The tales of the New York Times story goes something like this:- Andy Port, the woman behind “Now Scrutinizing | A rounder Golden Globes,” took it upon herself to call Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Kate Hudson girls who are [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 37} Taste and Tact: Being Fashionably Appropriate #Beyonce #Rihanna

Stevie Wonder

UPDATE: January 27, 2010 1:06 p.m.
Thanks to Kristina A. & Elizabeth R., for the New York Times article and NPR article that are exactly in line with what I wrote below, in case you also want to read similar articles.

Sometimes, I see things and I often wonder where the mindset of certain individuals are.

On Friday January 24, 2010 a multinetwork concert was aired called Hope for Haiti Now, in order to raise money for the victims of the earthquake that plagued the island nation two weeks prior.

Concerts like these are 50-50; you either support them or feel that they are major publicity stunts. But aside from that, it is my personal belief that there should be taste, respect and tact shown amongst those who choose to participate.

Not only [Read more…]

{iStyle} Project Runway 7 – In the Sack

We think there might be a project runway curse, because many times there have been cable issues when watching the show. Once again, our cable box went out, so I was not able to DVR it. We were able to catch it live, albeit tuning in a bit late. By the time we tuend in, the models were out in the middle of a field with Tim Gunn at some farm… in potato sacks. We like this challenge already. [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Agent Provocateur Love me Tender, or else! … and some.

REUTERS/Mike Figgis

***The content below does NOT contain nudity, BUT contains scenes of an adult nature. View at your own discretion. ***

In lieu of the recent Liaison Dangereuse post about sexy lingerie adverts, below are more curves, more black lace and whole lot of more pushing the envelop from Agent Provocateur.

While, adverts of this nature have been around for quite sometime, it is arguable that lingerie adverts such as this, which border raunchy, rather than sexy, were brought aggressively into the forefront by Agent Provocateur.

Judge for yourself below [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Nudity and a Niqab, Does This AD Offend You?

What’s sexy?

Well, for everyone it’s a different cup of tea and the folks over in advertising land are no exception. Their creative juices have to flow and sometimes what we associate with sexy, for some completely is completely different.

Recently German lingerie retailer, Liaison Dangereuse, released an advert with a load of sexy curves, eye kohl and a niqab.

The advert starts with a brunette woman stepping out the shower [Read more…]

The View from the Highway: PORN!

via Miles Aldridge : The Pure Wonder

Imagine your driving down the highway late at night.

The crisp air from your AC is brushing against your skin, soaking into your consciousness thereby pushing a deeper yearning into your being just to get where you are going.

In the distance,  your eyes glimpse over to the billboard sign.

It’s not like you don’t know what it says, you always know what it says; it never changes. It’s always some crummy car advert, or winking white-smiling woman telling you to buy laundry detergent — you know the typical stuff.

Well, not really anyway, not until that faithful Thursday night when that big boobed blonde chick with delectable red lips was seen.

Maybe it’s a new lipstick advert?

She moves and the camera pans to a shirtless man. Before you know it, she’s on her knees and — *car tires screeching* HOLY S#@! — it’s porn! [Read more…]

{iStyle} Project Runway 7 – Back in NY

And so begins another season of Project Runway. We’re back in New York this season. (Hooray!!!) But, possibly back in LA next season. (WTF, Lifetime?! W-T-F!) Heidi is pregnant, again. We’ve lost count of how many kids she’s had at this point. Tim is as adorable as ever. Most importantly, Michael and Nina are back! What’s more, Michael and Nina will be weighing in on that snore of a show Models of the Runway. They’ve actually given life to that show… that and this season they casted some real feisty (read: bitchy) models.

In case you need a reminder of why Michael, Nina, and Heidi being together are so essential on this show, take a look at this exchange when referencing the cliche of one contestants horrible creation:

Michael (in lispy uber-queen voice): “Wow, isn’t that glamorous?”
Nina: “To who?”
Heidi: “In what country? In what year?”
Michael: “Well I was just gonna say, in a lounge in Las Vegas in 1972.”

Don’t tell me you didn’t miss the trio.

Ok, enough about Michael, Nina, & Heidi. For the first challenge, the designers were asked to create a look that embodies who they are as a designer. A great way to start, in our opinion. [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.36} PR Damage Control: Yele Haiti #WyclefJean [video]

In case you missed it, over the weekend Wyclef Jean spent his weekend defending himself and his foundation, Yele Haiti, via a YouTube video in response to critics alleging that Yele Haiti has administrative expenses that exceed those of most other charities.

Between reports in the Washington Post and the reports made by the Smoking Gun, Wyclef decided that his public needed to hear directly from him [Read more…]