{Beautirati} AVATAR: Get the Look of a Na’vi

Klaire delys Art

Below is a very informative and very creative video that is easy to do with the things you probably already have at home to achieve the look of the Na’vi from Avatar by Klaire Delys Art.

This is one of the few times on {Beautirati} where something will be featured that hasn’t been created by me, or someone that I personally know.

A couple suggestions/tips from me:-

  • Na’vi lips are not black or dark on women, they are pale pink & flesh looking. Get yourself Blue Memory from MAC Cosmetics to gloss over your lips. Base your lips with a natural primer or a very pale pink or flesh toned colour.
  • Na’vi cheeks on women have a hint of pinkness to them. After you highlight your cheeks, lightly brush over them with a deep pink blush to flush out slightly.
  • Na’vi eyes are big and bold, false lashes are must. I really like fantasy lashes, I suggest using Fantasy Lengths #91128/Lush from Revlon. ** remember pencil liner first, then lashes, then liquid/gel eyeliner **
  • Na’vi eyes are also very cartoon and animal like — line your bottom, INNER lid with a white pencil eyeliner.
  • Mineral eyeshadows used wet, would be perfect for something like this. Try Aromaleigh or I Touch Roses for already blended, quality mineral eye shadows. I also really like Lavande, Eucalyptus, Moonstone and Spark from Orglamix…they are very bioluminescent 🙂

Remember, the Na’vi, like everything on Pandora have bio-luminescent qualities… you want to look alluring and enticing…not like bloody Smurfette!

Video from the amazing KlairedelysArt:-

I haven’t done these on myself, nor do I intend too — hence you get Klaire’s videos. But that being said, I DO intend to do a Na’vi Avatar-inspired nighttime look shortly 🙂


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