Bad PR: Sex & The City 2 Official Trailer & The Poster Stinks

Carrie On or Get Carried Away…again. Whatever. All the new promo stuff for Sex & the City has me in a foul mood because it’s so bad.

Right, so, I hate the new promo poster with Sarah Jessica Parker behind what seems like a bunch of ghetto reflects & her bug eye shades. It’s gross and so not SATC. What could have been really cool, looks really lame.


where is the pink?

And I’m not just saying that because well…I’m me.

I mean it — all of the major themes that surround SATC are pink. Even at the the premiere for the first film…there wasn’t a red carpet…it was pink!

Trailer from the first film:-

Image via Getty.

Image via Getty.

So umm…where is it?

Because this whole flashy-ghetto look of too much bling-bling, makes me think Sarah Jessica should fire her promotions team. And if she thought of it herself — she needs a lesson in her own brand.

It’s too flashy. It’s certainly not ‘couture’ feeling, or evoking thoughts of Vogue and Vera Wang into me. Nor is it making me think of brownstones, cafes and all the other things we love about SATC and New York.

It certainly screams more Hollywood and that new scent from Michael Kors (which incidentally is pink), than it does New York City.

By the way, the City of Lights is Paris, so that whole bright light of aliens behind Sarah Jessica in the SATC2 movie poster needs to go. Besides, Paris would never look like that, even in front of the Moulin Rouge.

How very un-Devil Wears Prada. gah.

And even though the trailer uses the amazing “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, if you seen the music video for this song, it’s black and white and very, what I like to call, heart of of The City.

Seems to me that someone, somewhere, in SATClandia forgot what “the City” of Sex & the City is.


Anyway, enough of that mini-rant. The trailer is below:-

The first SATC seems better than this.

But only time will tell in 2010.

I’ll be at the cinema, will you?

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  1. I completely agree.
    The trailer wasn't so bad for me, but I agree on the movie poster. I think it's too much like a combination of something you'd see from a Madonna tour poster, with the cheap blingy-ness of Mariah Carey.

    At least the trailer doesn't give away too much, like the ones for the Happening and Transformers did. They give a very vague view of what's happening, without revealing any key points of the plot.

    I really have a lot of confidence in the movie itself, though I'm fairly certain that it won't be nearly as awesome as the first. And I really hope they don't make a third one.

    Great post. Can't wait for this movie to come out.

  2. Hi Nick!

    Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

    The trailer isn't as bad as the poster, but I also found the trailer to be really cheesy.

    And on that note, I read that they ARE considering a 3rd one! lol

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. I agree they definitely need some pink in there! I didn't notice it until after you said something about it though. I guess I wasn't hardcore enough for Sex and the City.

    I liked the first one and I loved the series even if I didn't watch it as often as I should have. Remember me catching up on Mad Men. That went over well I still haven't done it yet.

    Anyways… I don't know why they would want to rebrand this? Any ideas?

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I'm not a huge SATC from to be honest, but the pink was the first thing I
    noticed. If you visit HBO online, they have a SATC store, half the
    merchandise is pink and they certainly play up the Cosmo drink.

    The only thing I can think of for the poster, is that whoever did it, is
    trying to make a 'splash' and say 'we're back!'

    But besides pink there are a few things that are synonymous with SATC: New
    York City, Vogue, haute couture. If you watch a couple of the shows, you'll
    see what I mean. There are just certain aspects that are continuous. 1) Not
    a lot of which are evident in the trailer (which isn't as bad as the poster)
    and 2) None of which are in the poster.

    The poster just looks like it's for another movie all together… maybe
    “Mariah Carey Marries Nick Cannon pt3 in the City”

    How's Mad Men coming along? What do you think so far?

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  5. I haven't begun my Mad Men marathon though I have been watching a lot of movies lately which I would not have been watching. Sort of transitioned into a theme for a week.

    SATC is all about fashion and NY. I will probably wait until the DVD release of the movie to see it.

  6. That's not a bad idea.

    You know what really bothered me about the show as it progressed? What
    started off as a decent, well thought out commentary on being a woman in
    this day and age and falling into your desires and wants, versus needs etc.
    eventually turned into a shallow and catty abuse-fest.

    I mean as much as I like Mr. Big, for example, his entire relationship with
    Carrie even in the first movie is mentally abusive and straining. When it's
    bad it's bad when it good it's really good.

    That's not right. And in the first movie Samantha left Smith Jerrod b/c she
    just felt like it and didn't want to stick out the rough patches of her
    relationship. The advice from her friends? — Oooh, well you just compared
    him to your cancer, maybe you should leave?

    That's NOT normal or right.

    I'll probably see SATC2 in the cinema but I'm not holding my breath for
    something amazing lol.

  7. i agree! plus the music of NY- paired with iamges of morocco doesn't really match!

  8. exactly! that too. lol 🙂

  9. Great blog post! I loved reading your points and opinion because they come from a fan and a PR pro and are the complete opposite of how I feel about the promotion!

    When I saw the poster in a movie theater I was as giddy as a school girl. When I saw the trailer it gave me JUST enough to be excited and want to know more – which is the exact purpose of both. And I LOVED the tagline … there is SO much you can do with the name Carrie! I guess the lack of pink did not faze me cause all I saw was glitz – which for me is “the signature” of Sex and the City!

    Was I thinking as more of a fan than a marketer? Maybe. If I had to pinpoint it I was thinking like a born on 92nd St, raised on 33rd St and currently residing in NYCer. The poster makes me think of Alicia Keys' (who was 2 years ahead of me at P.S. 116 in Murray Hill!) lyrics – a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. The trailer gave just enough view of my beautiful city but it got me excited about how two years can change the lives of four friends in this crazy town. NYC jades the hell out of us sometimes but in the end it's where the heart is, sticking true to the message Sex and the City showed in its 6 seasons.

    I am not sure if this was the goal of the promotion team when putting this campaign together – especially if they want to attract a global audience – but I felt like they hit the nail on the head tapping into the current pulse of NYC – we’re World Series winners, we’re in an “Empire State of Mind.” Not so much as a rebranding but more as a sign of the times. I am anxiously waiting for May 28!

    Wow talk about a rant! But I do guarantee Michael Patrick King will not let this movie go without giving you and fans SOME pink … I saw Rose gets pink cupcakes in the trailer 🙂

  10. They DID make her head a lot more proportionate to her body in the poster so that's a good thing at least.

  11. lol, thanks for point that out. I hadn't noticed. 🙂

  12. I love the part in the trailer where she's wearing her sunglasses inside the building, then takes them off once she gets outside. Feels like a female Bond movie gone horribly wrong. I HOPE that's not the case!

  13. chrissie says


    Somebody stop her! Buses and billboards and magazines in your face – SICK OF HER!

  14. lol — your comment made me choke with laughter on my water.

    Well, the movie is out, so if there is any consolation — the next summer
    hit, will be plastered across NYC instead. 🙂

  15. lol — your comment made me choke with laughter on my water.

    Well, the movie is out, so if there is any consolation — the next summer

    hit, will be plastered across NYC instead. 🙂