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{iStyle: Team Tavi}

By: Jenn Ortiz

Here we go again…

The hot topic in the fashion world this week, as it has been several times in the past, is the validity of teen fashion bloggers. Many members, and spectators, of the fashion industry have been quite vocal about bloggers like Tavi, Jane, and BryanBoy. It all began with a video of Tavi Gevinson reporting on Rodarte for Target along with the announcement that she would write a column in the January issue of Harpers Bazaar. Elle editor Anne Slowey and fashion writer Lesley Blume had a thing or two to say about the situation. Blume repeatedly called Gevinson a novelty, and Slowey implied that the young fashionista couldn’t be capable of writing her own material, that she must have a “Team Tavi” of support, since Gevinson didn’t maintain the same voice in [Read more…]