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Wyldy Ivy is a luxury company specializing in handmade soaps that happens to make some pretty amazing perfumes. Flavorful,  unique and refreshing, Wylde Ivy is definitely something you should check out.

The bath and body scents, which also come in perfume scents, come in a wide variety from: the sultry and spicy, to the fresh and floral, to the down to earth and natural there is something for everyone.

Ashlee, the owner of the brand, has over seven years of experience in the beauty field and used to own her own salon. What once was a small hobby, has now turned into a business.

I really love the fact that while, not all the scents  are for everyone, you can find something you like from Wylde Ivy because of the versatile range and variety that Ashlee offers.

One of the most unique things about Wyldy Ivy, is that Ashlee also provides products for men. I didn’t ‘test’ any of them, but the fact that they exist is a big deal. A lot of boutique brands, forget men all together.

Below are some tastes of the sugar, spice and everything Wylde Ivy nice:-


Light, airy and reminiscent of being outside on a cool spring night, this scent does not over power you. It reminds me of that time of year right around when spring is turning  into summer. What I like about this particular scent is that it isn’t overpowering or heavy. It’s light and it’s scent texture is very smooth and very soft. Also, because it’s so soft, if you have a daughter who is getting into perfumes for the first time, because this is so light, this is something you give to her to wear.

Fairy Lily:-

Okay, I really like the name of this because I’ve always had a fascination with fairies. Rich and vibrant with the scent of Lilies, Fairy Lily is a scent you could catch all the pixies at Pixie Hollow wearing. Sweet, but wispy this scent has just enough fragrance to be fun, flirty and sugar-coated. It’s very girl next door and fresh. Again, if you have a daughter or younger niece getting to perfumes for the first time — this is a great started. But don’t  be fooled, just because a younger lady can wear it, doesn’t mean an adult can’t. That’s what so great about Fairy Lily, like MoonFlower, it’s very versatile in that sense.

Amber Chai:-

Think Starbucks; think Chai; think warmth; think winter. I love this! Put this on and that special someone will want to eat you — or drink you more like it, lol — because the immediate scent is Chai infused, but it’s after scent, reminds me of a cookie. *yummy* As someone who doesn’t like ‘flavor’ scents in any shape or form, I was surprised with this one. Goodness, I’ve been listening to David Archuleta’s “Christmas From The Heart” album all day. While, I listen, I can just smell the Holdiays with this scent.

White Cashmere:-

Have you ever walked into Nordstrom’s or The Gap or J. Crew during the holiday season and you smelt something fresh, clean,  modern and classy? Just something that was a mix of the holidays or, a great night without being over the top? OMG, I dieee! No kidding, that IS what White Cashmere is. Not necessarily floral, or spicy, it’s something very crisp, but bold in the center. If you think of the glamorous look of luxurious, high-quality cashmere, this would be its scent.

Sugar Rose:-

Okay, I was so excited to try this one out because I love all things roses — ah it makes me happy. But sadly, I’m not a fan. Oh dear goodness, this is like a real sugar cookie with a hint of rose.  It’s too sweet for me. Way too sweet, it’s like Willy Wonka with roses sweet. Which by no means implies that this is a bad scent, it just means, it’s way too sweet and sugary for me.


I wasn’t expecting to like this at all because it has Amber and similar scent shades in it. But ooh, I liked it. It’s very cinnamon-esque versus Amber-esque. Which was a pleasant surprise. Personally, I’m more of a flowery, rosey perfume person, but that aside, this is truly unique and very sweet.  Don’t be scared of scents, if you want something spicy, bold and very flavorful — this is for you.


Oooh, it reminds me of something clean, crisp and clear. It’s a classic floral scent. Like MoonFlower and Fairy Lily this is another one that is very pre-teen, teen girl friendly. Would you laugh if I said as soon as I smelled it I thought of Laura Ashely? I don’t know why I thought that, but I would infer that’s due to the fact that LA’s style is classic, but wispy and fresh just like Petals.

You can find Wylde Ivy here or on their Etsy page 🙂


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