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Be an Architect of Change #wc09

Be yourself: everyone else is already taken.”
— Oscar Wilde

Say “yes,” if your instincts are strong and remember there is no one in charge except those pretending to be [Read more…]

Risks and Fears: Tough Leadership in Tough Times #wc09

“If you are going to keep waiting for fear to subside…you’ll keep waiting.”
— Robin Roberts, California Women’s Conference 2009

Are you fearless?

I don’t think there is anyone out there who is truly fearless, but ambitious and assertive. [Read more…]

Health Lessons from Dr. Oz #wc09

Continuing with some lessons and recaps from the 2009 Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California, today’s post is dedicated to your health. The afternoon breakout session I attended, moderated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, was about leading a healthier life, so that your stress levels don’t affect your wellness or even kill you.

“A Women’s Health Feeds Her Strength.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz, California Women’s Conference 2009

Besides for wearing a pink tie and pushing the fact that for women to be healthy they need a “healthier world,” Dr. Mehmet Oz is [Read more…]

Sir Branson, Huffington goodness and cupcakes! Oh, yes! #wc09

**Warning, this post is IMAGE heavy. **

Hey All!

So I had the pleasure of attending the California Women’s Conference last week as an attendee and member of the press via the fantastic people at Lean Cuisine.

This week on the Pink Book will be dedicated to some of those lessons learned as well as some of the fun stuff too!

Before we get into any of that, some housekeeping:-

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You can read my story below 🙂

With the exception of the ghost or animal, I would assume was living in the AC of my paranormal ocean liner hotel, The Queen Mary, I could safely say that my trip to California for the 2009 Women’s Conference was spectacular!

I’m full of glee as I write this and in complete awe of Maria Shriver for taking the initiative to put on such an event for not one, or two, but six years. From the speakers, to the people, to the exhibits – there was laughter, joy and yes, even a few tears.

I met two of my life’s inspirations in one place [Read more…]