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Miley Cyrus Needs a PR Muzzle: Dresses Like Hooker, is Ignorant of Scots and Cobain

via Elle Magazine

All the Partying in the USA must have popped a few brain cells and Disney needs to send in the PR fixers because Miley Cyrus is a branding disaster.

Recently, she opened her mouth to talk about her fashion line with BCBG-God Max Azria to Seventeen Magazine,

“We look into fashion designs very much in advance. We started the plaid shirts and the cheetah pants before people started seeing it [on runways]. When you first look at it as a designer, you think Okay, this is going to be a little crazy. But you don’t know what’s going to be in in a year like Max [Azria] does. Max looks at other designers, and you know it’s very advanced. He’s got the inside scoop.” – Miley Cyrus (source)

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about tweeny drama and then I read The Cut‘s November 20, 2009 snippet on Miley Cyrus and flashes of bad branding, bad publicity and just bad everything swirled into my brain. gah.

I’m sorry did I miss the memo?

I thought Kurt Cobain [Read more…]