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2009 AMAs: GaGa’s Crotch-Thing, Rihanna’s White Worm & Glambert’s BDSM Moves

MTV did something right at the 2009 VMAs because it was entertaining and it’s a shame the American Music Awards are in dire need of a few lessons. The show was total garbage. I want those three hours of my life back.

I read an article this morning in the New York Times and I wondered if they were smoking the same junk the producers of the AMAs were.


They thought the show was great because Michael Jackson picked up four posthumous awards? Umm, hello, folks, Jeff Buckley is one of the few artists to have a number one hit song posthumously, so really, look for another unique angle to your story because that and J-Lo falling on her butt during “Louboutins” doesn’t make the show memorable or historical.

Proud to be an American, New York Times?


The show was an embarrassment [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.30} Pot Called the Kettle Black and Social Media Caught It

*WARNING: This is not a call out, so don’t flame me thinking it is one.*

I came across something on Danny Brown’s Posterous last week which stunned me. Especially, in this time with the holidays around the corner and a recession on our hands.

Danny shared the link(s), in a post called “Pot, Kettle, Black,” in which a man got another man fired from his job for commenting on his blog.


Basically the story goes like this, allegedly vulgar comments were posted in response to a blog post written by Mr. Kurt Greenbaum. Mr. Greenbaum found the person behind these comments and contacted their employers. The said commenter then resigned from his job.

The post in question, with closed comments, can be found [Read more…]

Music Monday – There Won’t be Snow in Africa This Christmas #Heifer

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For this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to make it a little bit more serious. So sure, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” is one of the best Christmas songs in the history of music and it’s one of my favourite’s, but it’s about music than just music. It’s about giving, sharing, life and heart.

So considering that we’re still in November it’s still early enough to make a difference. Therefore, I wanted to tell you about a great organization called Heifer International that you can donate too this holiday season on someone else’s behalf, rather than buying someone a gift.

I found out about Heifer International last year when my dad donated to them through [Read more…]