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{ADbitious} Top ADs of the 2000s

ADweekMedia has put together their voting booth for the awards in advertising for the decade. Crazy, isn’t it? 2010 is almost upon us.

Below is a list and the adverts for their top choices in commercial advertising.

Is there anyone you think that is missing? I’ve already voted and I’ll tell you which advert really stood out to me above the rest in my personal opinion:- The Dove “Evolution” advert by Ogilvy & Mather.


Because I think, that this was something that needed to be said. I even blogged about it back in August 2009. So while, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Guinness campaigns (the surfer and the water horses — my favorite ever) as well as the “Keep Walking” campaign from Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff’s “Tea Partay” cracked me up for days I chose based on a personal thing.

Even so, Budweiser (frogs) and Cadbury (gorilla – wow) made me smile, Will.IAm’s “Yes We Can” for Obama gave me chills, Levi’s (dramatic classical music with jeans, love it!) and Geico (cavemen and Martin the Gecko) were awesome, but Dove’s “Evolution” was the top for me.

This is the official list below [Read more…]

I’m Giving Away 20 Google Wave Invites

**Update: December 3, 2009 — I have 20 invites to give away, instead of 8. Which will bring my total availability to give out to 24. from where I started**

I got a wave in my Google Wave today that gives me the opportunity to give eight other people the opportunity to try out the Google Wave preview.

I’m going to give them away by [Read more…]