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McDraper Dreaminess to My Ears: Mad Men Politikus

“In the twilight he
left her standing there. Wishing
and waiting for more.”

Many, many thanks to Susanna Speier who is a Politiku blogger and writer on the Huffington Post.

After the mind-blowing Season Three finale of Mad Men on November 8, 2009, Susanna took Politiku submissions, Mad Men-style!

One of which was [Read more…]

The Brand that is Taylor Swift’s Cosmic Alignment at the 2009 CMA Awards

Swift w/ her Band as she won Entertainer of the Year.

Winning is sweet. What’s even sweeter is karma. A few weeks ago, when the now infamous, Taylor Swift versus Kanye West incident happened [Read more…]

{ADbitious} “You Can Shine” Amazing Pantene Advert

There are a few time, less than I can count on a hand, when I got so involved in an advertisement, that my heart clenched. There have been even fewer times, I was fooled by an advertisement into thinking that it was a not a consumer advert, but rather, an advert for a show or movie. [Read more…]