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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’s DVD Deleted Scenes More Like Novel

In a deleted scene from the sixth Harry Potter film installment, Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, released by the WB Italy, audiences get a deeper glimpse into the calm before the storm that is the first Battle of Hogwarts.

The eerie scene, set to an even eerier sounding choir, gives audiences the look and feel of darkness as it descends upon the Hogwarts Castle.

I got goosebumps [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Nokia’s n900 Project Maemo is Just a Little Freaky

November 2009 is supposed to bring out the mother of all web tablet and mobile devices, the Nokia n900 (upgrade to the n810). In order to pump up the hype that is already ridiculous, Nokia has put forth the Project Maemo commericial.

I didn’t think this was a commercial for a mobile phone, much less the anticipated Nokia, until the very end of the advert. More than that, it’s just a little freaky. [Read more…]