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{ADbitious} The Coke Journey to Your Hands

Just a Coca-Cola advertisement which is the cutest story on how coke goes from cola land to the end of the soda machine 🙂


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High Res. New Moon Pictures: Bella Gets Snuggly With Jacob & Edward

Below are a few new photos released by Summit Entertainment from New Moon. They are mixed High Resolution and non-High Res., but each of them is rather decent enough to use for good digital fan art: wallpapers, photo manips etc.

Yes, they include shirtless Taylor Lautner and excellent quality close-ups of Robert Pattinson in full Edward makeup etc.

***Right-click each image to download. Also the images are NOT squished. That’s just the formatting of my blog for the images that have not been shrunk or re-sized to it’s margins — hence, they’ll look normal once you “save as.”***


Also, if you haven’t already, check out Volvo’s “What Drives Edward” campaign and share your thoughts here.

Enjoy 🙂

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