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{Rules of PR no. 28} Keeping Your ‘Brand’ Classy Like Taylor Swift

On Saturday November 7, 2009 people tuned into NBC’s Saturday Night Live! to see country superstar Taylor Swift guest host — just not for the reasons you think.

SNL, as Saturday Night Live!, is more commonly known as, is an American comedy serial known for pushing the limits, launching the careers of some pretty famous funny folks and most of all an open space for people to make fun of themselves as well as others all in the name of humor.

“I have wanted to host this show ever since I was a little kid,Taylor laughed. “I’m so excited and nervous.” Then she launched into her “Monologue Song (La La La).”

That’s what audiences were expecting from Taylor Swift: a delivery on Joe Jonas (her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her on the phone), a skit on Kanye West (who interrupted her VMA speech saying the award should have gone to Beyonce) and a declaration that she was dating Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob Black in Twilight the films.)

But Taylor [Read more…]

Mad Men S3 Finale in a Tweet or Few

For no other reason than this totally amuses me and I take part in it on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET — I give you the MAD MEN season 3 finale in a tweet or few… [Read more…]

Music Monday – Holidays with Enya, Josh & a little Jane

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Enya, Josh Groban and Jane Monheit all have one thing in common…they have Christmas albums. *squeee*

So while, everyone does the same songs over and over again, other times a few folks come along and they create new tunes, and rehash old ones…but the oldies, man those oldies, they are goody-awesomeness!

This is my favourite from Enya’s “And Winter Came,” [Read more…]