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{ADbitious} Lovely Day for A Guinness x2

Alright, so while, I’ve been obsessing over the Coca-Cola advertisements for years, and lately, I’ve been compulsively blogging about the Johnnie Walker ADs, you wouldn’t have guessed that my favourite brand for advertisements is….Guinness!

Yes sirs and ma’ams, tis’ the truth.

Below are two of my favourite ADs they’ve ever created for television.

The surfer:-

I love the horses. Period. [Read more…]

Volvo’s What Drives Edward Cullen: On Point or Missing Target?

November 17, 2009 11:50 p.m. ET
Since I am taking part in this contest, I have decided to blog any changes in my POV as the contest progresses. All of my updates will be below the original posting, with the date & time stampped.
Update no.2
November 22, 2009 3:30 p.m. ET
Complete and final thoughts on everything, including some re-evaluations of original ideas.
SCROLL down for all of my finals thoughts, hints on the phases and more/new images.

Original post below:-


Have you ever seen something that seemed really cool, but it really made you cringe, then quickly say to yourself, “WTF?”

That was me recently when I read about Volvo’s “What Drives Edward Cullen” campaign aimed at Gen-Y.

This super advertising blunder seriously makes me laugh and ask myself, “What were they thinking?”

This is because [Read more…]

Health Lessons from Dr. Oz #wc09

Continuing with some lessons and recaps from the 2009 Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California, today’s post is dedicated to your health. The afternoon breakout session I attended, moderated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, was about leading a healthier life, so that your stress levels don’t affect your wellness or even kill you.

“A Women’s Health Feeds Her Strength.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz, California Women’s Conference 2009

Besides for wearing a pink tie and pushing the fact that for women to be healthy they need a “healthier world,” Dr. Mehmet Oz is [Read more…]