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{Rules of PR no.31} Speak Up Tiger Woods, Stop Feeding Frenzy!

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This post has been updated since it was originally written. Updates including Tiger Woods ‘statement’ are below original writings.


Eh, maybe not.

But anyway, Thanksgiving 2009 will be remembered as that special time you shared with your loved ones… and also that special time in which one of the world’s most famous athletes had a tremendous fender-bender.

His public relations people must be working overtime. I do hope they are getting paid handsomely for this because I foresee this “mere,” not so “serious” accident blowing up in someone’s face soon.

Reports surfaced early Friday morning, November 27, around 2:25 a.m. ET that golfer and top international athlete, Tiger Woods, was involved in a “serious” accident. It was reported that he had cuts on his face and he was going in and out of consciousness.

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is required to report [Read more…]

Music Monday – A Winter Symphony

She’s my favourite musical artist ever, the original Christine in the West End production of Phantom of the Opera, the world’s best-selling soprano of all time and according to the RIAA she is the best-selling, female classical artist of the 21st-century!

Oh, how I want her wardrobe on top of all of that. Goodness! … I dieeee!

She is the illustriously and amazing [Read more…]

Open Letter to Miami-Dade Police Department: This is UNACCEPTABLE!

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*** Author’s Note: Hi everyone, I have a little story to share with you. It’s about something that happened to me and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it or prolong it into an event of any kind. But I felt the need to share it with you and educate you about why harassment is NOT okay. You can find suggestions/links/resources towards the end of this post.

I hope you find this post educational and do not take it as a form of “cop bashing,” for I assure you it is anything but that.***

On Saturday night, I was driving home by myself after I had spent the afternoon and early evening down the street watching the Florida Gators game with a few friends.

Traveling in the slow/right lane, I went under the overpass of the 826 highway and I passed a shopping plaza on the right hand side of 67th Avenue that contained a Marathon Gas Station.

The light was green and it was just another semi-busy evening in my neighbourhood [Read more…]

The Meaning of Tim Tebow’s Heb. 12:1-2

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On Saturday November 28, 2009 the Florida Gators played the Florida State Seminoles in their traditional Thanksgiving game. But regardless of whether CBS named the Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow “Player of the Game,” many fans and non-fans are curious about the religious phrase on his eye blacks.

This was a big deal because of two things 1) it’s been a Tebow tradition since he started playing for Florida. Coming from a religious family, he always had a Bible verse on his eye blacks. 2) Leading up to Tebow’s last game at The Swamp (the nickname of the stadium the Florida Gator’s play in) fans started a movement called “Honor Tim Tebow during his last game in the Swamp! WEAR EYE BLACKS!” It had over 4,500 supporters on Facebook before the game.

First of all, if you can’t find it online it’s because “Heb 12:1-2” is Hebrews 12:1-2 (not “Heb 12:12” like CBS said [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours from Little Pink Book

From all of us at the

Little Pink Book [Read more…]

{Beautirati} Black Friday: Pixi Wake Up Cosmetics Kit

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This post is a very long time in coming and I saved it for today because I think it would make a good Christmas present for any young girl getting into makeup. It’s Black Friday weekend and I know a lot of you are going shopping so I wanted to throw this into your basket for consideration.

The Pixi Wakeup Kit come with 18 eye shadows, 2 concealers/eye primers, 8 lip glosses and 2 baked cheek powder duos all for $34.00 USD. It’s a $130 value if you had to purchase everything on it’s own. That’s a steal. [Read more…]

NSFW – The Unentertainment of Adam Lambert

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NOT SAFE FOR WORK – This post contains photographs that may not be acceptable for persons under the age of 18 and of a suggestive nature with mild BDSM.
You have been warned.

During his performance on  Sunday November 22, 2009, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert sang his debut single, “For Your Entertainment.” The performance was loaded with Lambert thrusting his pelvis into the faces of dancers, kissing his male keyboardist, flicking his middle finger to the camera and singing some stuff that ABC felt the need to mute.

A few weeks ago, I blogged in {Rules of PR no. 27} about Adam Lambert getting too hot too soon post-American Idol, in light of his Details Magazine spread, and apparently I was the only one who agreed with myself…until the American Music Awards 2009.

Leashes, pelvic thrusts, BDSM gear and a trip down the stage… I called it weeks ago.

If there is anything that Adam Lambert’s performance proved, it is that he still can make an excellent headline!

But seriously, folks, like that Gloriana fiasco from the AMAs (Team Gloriana! That’s what I say, btw), are you surprised? Because I hate to break it to you, but I am not.

I’m not surprised because if you couldn’t see this coming from his watered down performances on American Idol, then you’ve been living under a rock.

I bet Jennifer Lopez is probably ridiculously happy that [Read more…]

The Muppets Present: Bohemian Rhapsody, latest YouTube Sensation

In case you missed it yesterday, this is the latest social media YouTube sensation [Read more…]

Miley Cyrus Needs a PR Muzzle: Dresses Like Hooker, is Ignorant of Scots and Cobain

via Elle Magazine

All the Partying in the USA must have popped a few brain cells and Disney needs to send in the PR fixers because Miley Cyrus is a branding disaster.

Recently, she opened her mouth to talk about her fashion line with BCBG-God Max Azria to Seventeen Magazine,

“We look into fashion designs very much in advance. We started the plaid shirts and the cheetah pants before people started seeing it [on runways]. When you first look at it as a designer, you think Okay, this is going to be a little crazy. But you don’t know what’s going to be in in a year like Max [Azria] does. Max looks at other designers, and you know it’s very advanced. He’s got the inside scoop.” – Miley Cyrus (source)

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about tweeny drama and then I read The Cut‘s November 20, 2009 snippet on Miley Cyrus and flashes of bad branding, bad publicity and just bad everything swirled into my brain. gah.

I’m sorry did I miss the memo?

I thought Kurt Cobain [Read more…]

2009 AMAs: GaGa’s Crotch-Thing, Rihanna’s White Worm & Glambert’s BDSM Moves

MTV did something right at the 2009 VMAs because it was entertaining and it’s a shame the American Music Awards are in dire need of a few lessons. The show was total garbage. I want those three hours of my life back.

I read an article this morning in the New York Times and I wondered if they were smoking the same junk the producers of the AMAs were.


They thought the show was great because Michael Jackson picked up four posthumous awards? Umm, hello, folks, Jeff Buckley is one of the few artists to have a number one hit song posthumously, so really, look for another unique angle to your story because that and J-Lo falling on her butt during “Louboutins” doesn’t make the show memorable or historical.

Proud to be an American, New York Times?


The show was an embarrassment [Read more…]