Music Monday – Bring Me To Life

Today’s the first Monday of October and in Sasha-land this means I start playing Christmas music 🙂 But today, I just feel like a little bit of Evanescence.  I love Amy Lee. I heard about Evanescence before I heard of Within Temptation  (though they were out before) and I definitely think my exposure to Evanescence made me absolutely adore Within Temptation’s music.

There is just something gorgeous and alluring about hard metal male music intermixed with some rather classical feminine voices laced in classical music. I just love it.

Someone once told me, a very long time ago, when Evanescence first came out and I was going to see them in concert, that Amy Lee sounded as if her world was shattering and on the brink of destruction each time she sang. Personally, I just think her voice is gorgeous and I sincerely wish that they still made music…

Anyway, below is a little Evanescence for you, enjoy 🙂

Bring me to Life

My Immortal

Good Enough

Going Under

Call me When You’re Sober

w/ Seether, Broken

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  1. Ah Evanescence is a blast from the past- I loved their cd when I was a sophomore in high school. I've seen them live and Amy Lee was really good.

  2. me too!
    Aren't they greate performers? I really wish they still made music.

  3. My Immortal

    that's the greatest………….

    Posted the video on my facebook page about 2 months ago…….it was actually the song that we played for Samirah when she was younger…..

  4. aww, that's so sweet.

    I agree — “My Immortal” is right up there with “Live to Tell” from Madonna

  5. Thank you for sharing Amy with us. I really like her music.

  6. Thank you for sharing Amy with us. I really like her music.

  7. Thank you for sharing Amy with us. I really like her music.