Let the Wild Social Media Rumpus Start! *wheee*

Wild Things promo still by Warner Bros.

“Inside all of us is hope.”
“Inside all of us is fear.”
“Inside all of us is adventure.”
“Inside all of us is a wild thing.”

Where the Wild Things Are film

While, it is Banned Books Week, I wanted to take a little time to show the lighter side of things of literature (and film adaptions) to talk about a film I am so excited about this fall…Where The Wild Things Are!  I blogged about this earlier in May and I absolutely cannot wait to it to come out!

I have two really cool things to share with you:-

The film has all these cool interactive things you can do via it’s website and Facebook page. My favourite has to be turning yourself into Max. Talk about engaging, amusing interaction! I love it!

Make yourself into a Wild Thing! Click here to do it.

And if you’re really up for a little cosplay, try your hand (& pocket because it’s going to cost you $610) at one of these beauties for Halloween…or running around your house randomly. 🙂

Opening Ceremony has costumes, everyday wear and jewelry!

via New York Magazine Online. Belongs to Opening Ceremony.us

via New York Magazine Online. Belongs to Opening Ceremony.us

Unlike a lot of other brands out there, especially ones that come up with generic marketing tools and accessories, it’s not only nice, but absolutely refreshing to see a brand like Where the Wild Things Are taking things to a new level. It’s not just cosplay, it’s a new couture land of costume-wild mania. It’s not just jewelry, it’s art crafted, raw and depicts true elemental nature.

I have to say, I think the marketing behind is far out-weighs even some of the stuff Mattel has been trying to do with Barbie recently for her 50th. Take a moment and check out the Where the Wild Things Are Facebook page and website. Like Shark Week, this is social media and audience engagement on a whole new level.

On a side note, if you like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s — Karen O, is on the WTWTA soundtrack.

Go wild my little rumpus-makers!!!


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