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NEW Extended Trailer Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Watch it below and [Read more…]

Bad Good Girls of Country: Miranda and Carrie are Kerosene, Frills & the Cowboy Casanova

Country music has the tradition of the Rebas and the Martinas: good, classic, traditional and typical. They’re sweet, they’re sassy and they’re the girls next door who sing the songs you know, I know and people who don’t even listen to country music know.

But then the bad good girls came along and changed everything. From “Kerosene” to “Before He Cheats” country music in the United States is changing. For this new breed of feminista, female-friendly-firearms are a fact and carving your name into a cheating ex’s leather seats is not only encouraged, but, applauded. [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Johnnie Walker’s The Man Who Walked Around the World

Oh my goodness! Have you seen this?

It’s 6 minutes of pure advertising genius by Johnnie Walker called “The Man Who Walked Around the World”:-


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