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5 Reasons E-Mail Isn’t Dead

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E-mail isn’t dead because the Facebook hasn’t killed it yet and that’s the truth of the matter.

I don’t get [Read more…]

{ADbitious} Striding with Johnnie Walker to the beat of a Fero

It’s been awhile since I came across an advertisement that made my heart rate speed up, my ears perk with enthusiasm and my eyes fixate in wonderment.

Then I was watching Mad Men on AMC and a Johnnie Walker AD flashed on my telly-box. Salivating, like the little communications girlie I am, I had to see it again. [Read more…]

{Beautirati} Frais, Swine Flu & You

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With Swine Flu being all of the talk this flu season and me being on an organic kick — I came across a new hand sanitizer via a friend of mine so I decided to try it. [Read more…]