The Apocalypse: Facebook launches @ replies and TwitFace

Image via New York Magazine.

The Facebook @ replies are up and running. Can you taste the Twitter envy coming from the white and blue land? There are some mad green eyes coming from Mark Zuck. and his gang for as we’ve seen over the past few weeks , Facebook is getting a makeover…

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite []

Can you say ugly?

I hate it. It’s a waste of space and resources. They seriously need to hire Chris Pearson or visit Zen Habits to truly understand what “minimalist” means.

I don’t think the people in white and blue land quite understand that concept.


How to do a "mention"


More like @ replies under a new name.

Well, now we all know why Facebook bought FriendFeed and it’s more than obvious why they wanted to purchase Twitter.

Image via Ashton Kutcher's TwitPics

Making TwitFace a Reality

But there is still more to take from the Twitter, if Facebook truly wants to become TwitFace.

1. Celebrities

So while, I do think that Ashton isn’t the best representation of what it means to be a true user of Twitter, I will say he is not alone.

From Heidi, to Miley, to Pink to a fake Karl Lagerfeld and even DKNY talking about #NYFW as it happens – Twitter is where it’s at.

Heck, Taylor Swift thanked her Twitter followers at the 2009 VMAs in her second acceptance speech.

So there.

It’s real time, now, at this moment, one feed, in one shot and Facebook cannot compete…yet.

2. Networking

I don’t need to beat this one to death.

I’ll just refer you to yesterday’s {Rules or PR} Every Person is a new door to a different world.

Enjoy 🙂

The Holy Triad of TwitGod via the AP PHOTO

3. The Holy Triad that equates TwitGod

Oh yes, yes, yes: Evan! Biz! Jack!
*faux excitement rant over*

Don’t you love that when some psycho social media, networthy event takes place, all you want to do is jump on the Twitter blog to see what’s going on? And you get the holy triad spewing sentences like,

At the start, critics often said, “Twitter is fun, but it’s not useful.” At one point @ev responded dryly with, “Neither is ice cream.”

But Biz, Jack and Ev are not just limited to tweeting about creamy, milky goodness on a cone, or spilling words like “folks” out to their followers.

No it’s more than that. Actually, it’s more along the lines of simplicity and not trying to build a community, but nurturing one already in existence.

That’s what Twitter is, it’s really not made up of smaller communities being fostered and harvested by the outlet. That’s what Facebook is.

Twitter is an outlet that integrates and perpertrates what’s already out there to another audience of the masses.

Sure you could go as far as to say, each individual account is a community, or #hashtags bring communities together. But really they don’t.

It’s the availability of information in every facet at your finger tips. Literally.

I’ll leave you to contemplate deep thoughts on that…

4. Community

This is the big one because I don’t think Facebook understands that they aren’t a pseudo-RSS feed or networking device.

I think they ignore Ning and simply just don’t understand that their success is rooted in community not “news.”

Facebook is a community, Twitter is a stream.

5. Tornado: the unLinux penguin

So when Facebook acquired FriendFeed, we all knew (or thought we did) why Facebook wanted them. But most of all, we all knew that Facebook was going to be getting some mad awesome tech-nerds and great technology with the deal.

Hello, Tornado! *waves*

Facebook is open sourcing a portion of their FriendFeed buy into a little something called Tornado, which is a real-time framework for Python.

Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps, similar to another outlet you are familiar with?

So if they can’t buy Twitter and the Holy Triad isn’t giving them their secret juices, what do you do?

You hit ‘em where it hurts and take the Linux frame of mind, pulling the tech-world’s resources to you, to combat the enemy.

6. Trending Topics

You know it’ll happen eventually. It’s bound to happen because Facebook has a need to embrace of all social media. As much as I admittedly rag on them, they are the King of Social Media for a reason.

Sooner than later (I actually hope for this because it’s been a long curiosity of mine after I discovered Twitter), Facebook could launch a “Trending Topics” feature on the right hand sidebar. So you already know what your friends are thinking…how about the other 200 million people on Facebook? What are they thinking.

And unlike Twitter, which although I love, Facebook won’t crash…at least not yet.

7. Social Bookmarking

You know there are other outlets out there besides Twitter, right? If you’re into social media you’ve not only heard of them, but you’ve used them. They are the outlets that keep Share This and alike in business. Some of the more popular ones are Digg, Reddit, Delicious etc.,

Well, while, right now, Facebook lets you post from your Facebook to these outlets (i.e., Twitter,) but what if later on you could actually use Facebook to bookmark your own links ON the Facebook. You know how we have that bar from Digg, and StumbleUpon? What if there was a Facebar?

It’s not unheard of, it’s quite probable, and with the recent changes, it’s surely not impossible in the TwitFace.

8. First “Mentions” (@replies), next Retweets

I wouldn’t put it past the tech-nerds at Facebook. Period. Mentions have already been embedded by use of the @ symbol. What about retweets?

I’m absolutely positive the next step is retweeting — or some other Facebook name for it — other people status messages.

It’s coming.

Mark my words.

Well, let’s see what’s in store next…


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