{iStyle} NYFW – Day 6

Even Snuggie had a fashion show today. Ew. Aside from that, today was an overall good day for design. Reading below, you’ll see more of the trends that have been developing the past few days, but you’ll also see the possibility of a few more new trends.

Badgley Mischka – What I really liked here  were the necklaces! That starfish necklace is absolutely stunning. Colorwise, Badgley Mischka kept on trend; likewise, with offering up soft and silky fabrics, sheers, and clothes wish a slightly casual but luxurious feel.

Betsey Johnson – Betsey’s so whacked you’ve gotta love her. Her presentation at the plaza looked more like a party than a show. Hard to see the clothes, but plenty fun. As usual, Betsey was playful with her clothes. There was an upscale, but downtown 80’s partygirl feel to it all.

Brian Reyes – Reyes is for the young and classy, or at least those who think that way. I mean, really, did you see those denim shorts? Now those are cute. Red, blue, black, white, ink-blot prints in sweet silhouettes. Blake Lively, where are you?

Christian Cota – Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to limit my selections to 8 pictures?! You must see the entire line. Cota is officially my new favorite designer, and so help me God, I will buy something from this collection. All gushing aside, it was a positively pretty. Standouts: Little chain details on shoulders, a sheer print over a swimsuit, playful multicolored dresses, and a a crop-top paired with a high waist to the knee skirt connected with delicate chains that managed to look lady-like. Just go look at the entire collection. NOW!

Dennis Basso – Possibly the prettiest cocktail dresses. I know PETA will want throw paint on me for this, but I love fur. I love metallics, when done well… especially in gold. And, those soft Degas inspired prints are to die for.

G-Star – What fascinated me about G-star is that they managed to run the gamut of how to wear denim in completely different styles in both men’s and women’s design. Not really my thing, but I can appreciate the range.

Halston – Not much to tell here, since the house is in transition. A few of designers through together a line inspired by the history of the house and the perfume bottles. Very pretty and soft. Mostly creams with a few kicks of orange and purple.

Malandrino – Quite obviously inspired by far away places, Malandrino’s collection didn’t seem gimmicky at all. Bolero’s, cropped pants {some harem and some almost but not quite}, turbans, hats, some knit dresses, draped dresses, all adding up to a fun “guess what country” game.

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Marc Jacobs took a nod from his own LV bunny bows and sent upon the runway big bows on the heads of his models. It all felt very 1980’s Madonna. Lots of bright and folksy prints mixed with some neon leopard that reminds me of kindergarten {because it was the 80’s, not because kindergartners would wear leopard.}

Matthew Ames – To construct a collection that centers around minimalism and color a designer better know a thing or two about cut. Ames obviously does. I was bothered by the visibility of the pocket linings through one of the white garments. Otherwise, I have only good things to say. Buying any of Ames’ clothes will give you a well constructed blank canvas that should last you for years.

Max Azria – Azria does minimal and loose? Now that’s a change. Afterall, we are talking about the man who designs BCBG & Leger, both of which tend to hug the body and at times molds it. I wonder what the fit would be like in these garments in a variety of women. This Max Azria collection grazes the body, which can be a very good thing. For a women with serious curves, these pieces might require a size up and tailoring. Azria made use of the slashed trend and kept the color palette completely in black, white and forms of gray. Overall, a beautiful collection.

Mulberry – Another fun show, with  balloons and carousel horses on the runway… and puppies. Yes, puppies went down the runway at the Mulberry show with vests and leads. Mulberry is really all about accessories, so a puppy leash and vest fits right in without being obnoxious. There was plenty of cool fringe on the bags and shoes. Also, some big sweet bows on a few garments.

Narciso Rodriguez – Sexy and not slutty. There’s an idea. Rodriguez layered sheer under and over, keeping the fit just close enough to the body to show off the figure. He kept the hemlines toward the knee, which helped keep things from being skanktastic.

Philosophy – Remember the butterflies at Vivienne Tam? Ya, well, apparently it’s lips at Philospophy di Alberta Ferreti. I adore how floaty and pretty the collection was. I just don’t want to wear lips all over my clothes. Is that too much to ask?

Rodarte – Why does everyone love Rodarte? I’ll tell you why. The Mulleavy sisters take ugly and bizarre and make it beautiful. They always manage to keep things uniquely theirs. They did it again for SS10. It was like the beautiful nightmare or evil queen collection.

Temperley London – I have mixed feelings about this circus inspired collection. I loved half of it and was kind-of “meh” about the other. The good was really good; that must be said. I can see the harlequin prints selling along with the embellished dresses and suits. Ok, so maybe I liked more than half. I just really disliked the horse belts and some of the black and white looks with mixed prints. My favorite is this one.

Tibi – Bright and clean. Just looking at these clothes makes you want to have a nice cool lemonade and to spend the day out in the warm sun. Definitely a keeper.

Vera Wang – Wow to that spider necklace. Wang went for pretty and dressed up, but more casual than in her past works. There’s definitely a darkly romantic feel here. Her personal style came through quite a bit here. All creams and blacks, with exception of purple flowers in a print. All very pretty and floaty.

Some notes:

I’m not even going to bother telling you about colors here. You know what the “it” colors are if you’ve read the last few recaps.

Seeing lots of nude faces and slicked back hair. On the flipside, wild textured, almost frizzy hair has also popped up over the past week.

Something new we noticed: Cage skirts, dresses, and necklines are in. {If you don’t know what cage means, look at the last photo of the Max Azria panel above. That neck is a cage. In his collection, and others, we’re seeing entire skirts and dresses done like this.} If you want an affordable cage skirt, try Norwegian Wood.

We’re seeing BIG jewelry. Mostly in the form of major necklaces.

Boleros and tie-belt jackets are all over the place. This is a great way to make any outfit current, so make room in your budget for at least one.

Loose and flowy pants, whether wide-leg or a slightly slouch pair of cropped pants. Women everywhere shall rejoice.

All images {via} Style.com edited for the Little Pink Book

Jenn Ortiz is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in History and Latin American Studies with hopes to pursue a PhD in Child Development. She believes there is beauty in everything around us; from the inside out, outside in. She currently runs {Bits of Beauty} a place you just feel good about and guest blogs for Design Tavern and Wishpot.


  1. hmm, I liked Temperly a lot. Narciso Rodriguez and Max Azria of course.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs…I preferred the Marc Jacobs line more.

    And when is Vera Wang NOT good? pretty 🙂

  2. hmm, I liked Temperly a lot. Narciso Rodriguez and Max Azria of course.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs…I preferred the Marc Jacobs line more.

    And when is Vera Wang NOT good? pretty 🙂

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  5. All very pretty and floaty. I like..The good was really good;

  6. you’ll see more of the trends that have been developing the past few days, but you’ll also see the possibility of a few more new trends.

  7. you’ll see more of the trends that have been developing the past few days, but you’ll also see the possibility of a few more new trends.