I am the Internet: Are you a Dependent?

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When Twitter broke a few weeks ago, I thought I thought I would cry. Then it nearly took Facebook with it and I was like, seriously? C’mon now…

The need, want and yearning I had once felt was gone. BAM!

Well, the mother of all things happened last week – Gmail went down.

Google, the mothership, went down.


How could you do this to me?!

*one sentence rant over*

But yes, my friends, how dependent are we on the Internet?

I communicate with my family overseas via Skype. I’ve gone on conferences via Skype too. Not to mention that my old college roommate and I keep each other’s company for hours on end, while we’re working, via Skype. It saves a hell of a lot of cash in mobile minutes land.

Pre-Skype and even still, I use AIM and MSN Messenger to connect with people: a quick note here, a one sentence there, a mild conversation for starters.

MySpace. Lordy, back when I first started doing event planning – MySpace was THE place. I used to find bands there. Now I just kind of have it on the side. But make no mistake, it’s still there.

DeviantArt. Maybe I’m one of the few left, but goodness I love DeviantArt. I learned a lot, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve posted a lot. It’s this artsy hub of colourful goodness and it simply makes me happy 🙂

Facebook. We connect with old friends, we make new ones, we find out which Mean Girl we are, what type of gentlemen we’re going to marry, what type of bride we’ll be, we post pictures, comment and “like” status messages…it’s endless.

Twitter. Oh goodness, don’t get me started on this one. I’ll just direct you to, “Twitter Broke and my Life is OVER!” And when Gfail went down, I retweeted David’s, “Want to bet on how long before the twittering about g-fail crashes Twitter?”

Yeah, about that…

One of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho, said:-

“Cloning Confucius: a good tweet is 5% inspiration, 10% perspiration, and 85% editing to fit 140 characters”

FriendFeed. It just ties everything together. It’s this hub for social media.

Google. It runs the world. Literally.

I know it, you know, we all know it and when it goes down I have one word for you: PANIC. I think the President of DeVries PR in New York said it best, last week:-

“Am watching all of Twitter be mad at gmail.”

Heck, they have their own soap for crying out loud

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The day Gmail almost died, my favourite social-media-public-relations-Highlander told me something that has a greater meaning to me now, than it did when he wrote it:

“My blog‘s my home; Twitter is my local bar; and Posterous is the journey in-between :)”

So, seriously, folks, if the Internet died, what would we do?

Anyone have a landline phone I can use…oh, and dig up a phone book too…where’s my Rand McNally map???


Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ . She holds a B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida (’07) and an M.A. in International Administration from the University of Miami(’08). She loves Twitter and all things social media, so you should find her @SashaHalima.

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  1. Oh God can't imagine what I would do without the internet! It's my window to the world! Knock on wood it never happens!!!

  2. Exactly! lol

    Thanks for the comment MJ 🙂

  3. We'd probably hang out in person more… lol

    Check it out: Social Media is here to stay:

    above link found thanks to Karin at http://www.savvythinker.com/

  4. I'd like be out of a job… I create websites…. I can't imagine not having the net!

  5. I'd like be out of a job… I create websites…. I can't imagine not having the net!

  6. lol, too true.

  7. you said it, most of my work is online too! lol

  8. lol, too true.

  9. you said it, most of my work is online too! lol