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Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2

So I’ve been meaning to play around with this for three weeks and finally I got the chance: Urban Decay’s Book of Shadow’s Volume II.

On that note, I also created a soundtrack for this just because I wanted too…I was actually listening to these while I was putting my “looks” together, so I thought I would share. Though, I should tell you, I probably listened to “Heal The World” about 4 times in the entire duration, lol, which probably explains a lot of the rich colour and happier looking looks this time around. I really tried to stay away from getting too “deep.”

Urban Decay v. MAC eyeliners on my hand

24-7 Eye Liners

This comes with two of them. I know that if you use Urban Decay you use MAC  or if you use MAC you’ve been thinking about Urban Decay. So there is the comparison above.

Urban Decay‘s Bourbon and Zero


MAC‘s Smolder and Teddy Eye Kohls.

Both glide on smooth and basically don’t come off. Teddy is more golden than Bourbon which is more brown. And Smolder is a deeper black than Zero.

The verdict? It’s up to you and what you like. Personally, I like Smolder and would keep both Bourbon and Teddy nearby depending on my mood. I could do without Zero. Smolder is better for a smokey eye too.

Bourbon Baked.

Urban Cowboy v. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again:

They are different. Like WAY different…

Urban Cowboy is straight up an awesome highlighter. It’s light, easy and fresh.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is glitter in the form of a shadow. Literally. I felt like a pixie when I unknowingly put it on to go out (in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY) with some Jinx from the palette. So while I enjoyed my Cinderella look — because I was walking around with Cinderella eyes no joke — be warned.

Verdict? No comparison. You either want a highlighter or you want neutral glitter in a shadow or both.

The Smokey Eye:

Urban Decay Smokey Eye a la me.

Everyone always asks me about this, so I figured I would teach you how using everything you actually already own, if you purchase a Book of Shadows v2.

You need the eyeliner, Perversion, Gun Metal, Urban Cowboy and Urban Cowboy Rides Again. I used Diorshow Blackout Mascara.

  • First, prime with the primer potion and take your 24-7 liner and line the bottom and the top lids as if you were using regular eye liner.
  • Smudge this with an eye shadow brush. If you don’t have one small enough, clean thoroughly a lip brush, and use it as a substitute. Lip brushes are thin enough to get the job done.
  • Then take more liner and reapply on the top but go a little higher and smudge again.
  • Take the same small brush/lip brush and grab some Perversion and in the center of where your smudged area is apply the shadow going upwards. This means that the area closest to your eye lashes is straight up liner, whereas, a little higher in the center of the smudged area is where Perversion starts. Top off your use of Perversion slightly above where the liner smudging ends. This should leave you with some clean skin before your crease starts…but not a lot.
  • In your crease, take Gun Metal and blend, blend, blend….a lot… in your crease and into where Perversion ends.
  • I suggest putting on Gun Metal with one brush. Then taking a completely clean brush with no shadow on it whatsoever to blend, blend, blend some more.
  • On  your lower lid your should have topped off with Perversion, btw.
  • Take Urban Cowboy and apply to your eye lid above your crease, and once again, clean off the brush you used for blending Gun Metal into Perversion, and blend Urban Cowboy gently into Gun Metal.
  • Keep in mind that the “colour” of this look shouldn’t be above your crease by any large amount.
  • You want to look like lovely lady, not Lady GaGa at the 2009 VMAs.
  • Lastly, take your Urban Cowboy Rides Again and highlight the very top of your eyelid, ever so slightly directly below your eyebrows. I say ever so slightly because UCRA is loaded with glitter. You can take this same color and blend slightly on your lower lid as well into Perversion. But be careful, you don’t want to create a black eye!!!
  • Finish it off with your mascara of choice. I prefer Diorshow Blackout.
  • Mascara makes the Smokey Eyes look smokey…just so you know 🙂


[Left Column]-Perversion, Gun Metal, Ecstasy, AC/DC, Half-Baked, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Urban Cowboy, YDK
[Right Column-] Nylon, Sellout, Mushroom, Sphynx, Jinx, Flipside, Homegrown, Misdemeanor


I heard a lot of people complain about the packaging with the release of Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows volume one …and the second time around — I must agree. I don’t see the point of it. It’s bulky, not travel friendly and takes up needless space. I don’t understand why the the BoS couldn’t come in an awesome travel bag, with the eye shadows placed in a thin and compact palette. MAC does this, Stila does this, so why can’t Urban Decay do this? It’s beyond me, but whatever.

That’s my only complaint.

Below are some more “looks:-“

All my looks are done with the Palette. Unless otherwise noted.

Urban Purple -- Eye Liner, fluidline Blacktrack from MAC

Rough Funky Peacock. (seen also again at bottom of post)

Tad rosey.

A pinup, but not really.

Is the palette a good buy?


It’s a very easy way to get into makeup.

  • 16 eye shadows
  • 1 travel size primer potion for eye shadow
  • two eye pencils
  • a mini Urban Decay book with their “looks”
  • Exclusive shades to the palette are: AC/DC, Nylon, Mushroom, Sphynx, Jinx, Homegrown and Misdemeanor

Moi in Rough Funky Peacock. Lips are Boy Crazy by MAC.

It’s a great start. And if you’ve been into makeup awhile? Is it still a good buy? Yes.

Why? Because you get 16 shadows for less than the price of those 16 individually.

I fully believe in palettes. They save space and money.


Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ and has been a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics since 2004 in Florida. She has over 10-years experience in professional makeup. If you live in South Florida and are looking to hire a makeup artist, or if you just want some makeup advice, send her your inquires here.

Copyright © 2009 SashaH. Muradali. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Nice girl!!!!!

  2. Nice girl!!!!!

  3. themakeupdivas says

    Beautiful! I love the smoky eye you did. It reminds me of the smoky eye Kevyn Aucoin did on Janet Jackson in his book Making Faces.

  4. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Thank you! I know you were interested in purchasing the palette, so I'm glad you found this post useful.

    I really like my BoSII and I think it's an excellent buy, minus the bulky packaging 🙂

  6. you are gorgeous! im happy i found this. i have similar colorings to you and this was great to see how some of these looks will show up on me… im new to this…

  7. you are gorgeous! im happy i found this. i have similar colorings to you and this was great to see how some of these looks will show up on me… im new to this…

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