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{Chic Fashionista} TitletownTs: I Heart T Bow #Gators


He’s #15, quarterback for the University of Florida, Heisman winner and all around rock for the Gator Nation. He cried on television, is staying a virgin until he’s married and if you’re ever been to the UF campus on a non-game day it’s quit possible to see him cruising through Oaks Mall with about 20 girls hovering ten feet behind him… [Read more…]

{Confession of a PRetty Social Girl} Is the Recession Good for Gen-Y?

Image by Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved 2009.

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times in these cities to which we, Gen-Y, are living.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the Baby Boomers were described as flower children. They were radical, they wanted world peace, heck, they wanted to change the world. They were obsessed with the environment and hugged trees. This was a generation that felt they were entitled. Most of all, what was up with the fashions: bare bellies, shaggy hair and Twiggy eyes.


But wait a minute, does any of that sound familiar to you? Are the Boomers describing themselves when they describe us? I mean I don’t think my parents are so bad… I don’t know what they were like before I was born, but I think they turned out okay. So why can’t I?

On that note, while the recession is a hindering factor in the job hunt for so many Millennials (80 Million Strong anyone?), maybe it isn’t such a bad thing?

Someone told me that I sounded more than frustrated recently and that maybe my hurt for the current state of affairs ran deeper that just frustration. I cannot say that they were right, but I cannot say they were wrong either. I feel like we have choices, and we make them the best that we can given our circumstances.

Karma has a funny way of going full circle and life has an even funnier way of working out. Go on a outlandish philosophical thought with me for a minute here…

The recession is trying us: our pockets, our freedom, our livelihood, our day-to-day activities; you name it. [Read more…]